How to Rock a Jon Renau Topper

Jon Renau is known for making gorgeous hair toppers that can completely transform the appearance of your hair. Whether you’re starting to experience hair loss or are just looking for a way to add extra volume, you can totally rock a Jon Renau topper as part of your style.

Why Women Wear Toppers

A topper is a type of hair enhancer that adds volume and body to the top of your head. Toppers are usually used to cover thinning patches of hair, but anyone can wear them to change their hairstyle for a day.

Hair toppers have significant advantages over other hair enhancement methods. They’re simple and easy to use, and they blend in seamlessly with your natural hairstyle.

  • Light and breathable – Since toppers only cover a portion of your head, they’re significantly more comfortable than traditional wigs.

  • Can be worn in a ponytail or updo – Many wigs can’t be styled in a full updo without exposing the net underneath. Toppers are designed to avoid this problem, so you can style away.

  • Works with your natural hair – Toppers add volume to your hair, but they don’t completely cover the beautiful tresses underneath.

How Toppers Work

Toppers clip onto your natural hair. The number of clips depends on the size of the topper, but you can usually expect four to six well-placed clips.

A topper is much easier to put on than a wig. You don’t need to use glue, but some women prefer to use a small dot to keep large toppers in place throughout the day.

Toppers don’t cover all of your natural hair; this leaves many different style options open to you. You can brush your natural hair over the topper’s hairline or combine your tresses in a beautiful updo. Once it’s clipped on, the topper looks and acts just like real hair.

Toppers aren’t wigs, but they do need a similar amount of maintenance. You’ll need to wash your new hair at least once a week with the correct products to maintain its texture and shine. The toppers Jon Renau makes are made from Remy human hair, so they look and feel exactly like the real thing.

Which Topper is Right for You?

The first thing you should consider is the size of topper that you need. We carry hair toppers as small as two by four inches and as large as eight by nine inches. Jon Renau toppers are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles; you can choose a topper that just covers your hairline, or you can find a larger topper that gives extreme body to your hair. Come by our salon for a consultation, and we’ll recommend the right topper size to get you started.

If you’re only experiencing mild thinning, consider Reneau’s easiPart topper line. These smaller toppers are easy to apply and style; anyone can wear them for an instant volume boost.

When you’re looking for more coverage and extra hair to style, check out the Top Form line. You can find these toppers in various lengths to suit your preferred hairstyle.

Once you’ve picked a topper model that you like, it’s time to select the right length, style, and color for your new hair enhancer. You can choose something that perfectly matches your natural hair, or you can try something completely new. Some women own multiple toppers so that they can change their hairstyle on a daily basis.

Get Your Topper Styled

After your Jon Renau topper arrives, bring it into Strut Hair Solutions for a styling session. We’ll help you learn to style your topper, and we might even make a few changes to help it blend in perfectly with your natural hair.

New hair enhancers may need a little work to blend in with your existing style. We can dye the topper to match your hair color, add layers for extra volume, or even just trim off an inch to make sure everything is the same length.

We’ll also teach you how to take care of your new hair. Artificial hair and Remy hair both need to be cleaned regularly. We’ll show you how to style your hair without damaging it, and we might even recommend a few updos that look amazing on you.

If your topper stars to wear out, bring it in so we can take a look; you’ll be surprised at how easily we can breathe life into a topper that you thought was done for.

How to Blend a Topper with Your Natural Hairline

Everyone styles their hair differently, but there are a few tricks you can use to help your topper and your hair blend in seamlessly.

  1. Start by styling your natural hair. Once the topper is on, you’ll be working with your hair as a whole

  2. Next, decide if you want to use hairline concealer. This product can darken your hairline and help create a blended visual effect.

  3. You may want to pre-style your topper on a canvas block head before you put it on. This is especially helpful for curling or straightening the back of your hair.

  4. Clip the topper onto your natural hair. Be gentle, as you don’t want to apply too much tension to the strands that it’s clipped onto.

  5. Using a brush or a comb, blend your topper in with the rest of your hair. You can style with a flat iron, use hairspray, and otherwise treat the topper like it’s a normal part of your hairdo.

Watch this styling guide by John Reneau to see how they get the looks in their catalog. You might also enjoy this short video tutorial by Kim Dubs on how to blend the topper with your natural hairline.

Stepping Out in Style

You might feel nervous about wearing your topper out in public for the first time. Don’t be! You look beautiful and amazing, and the rest of the world is going to notice. You might hear compliments about how great your hair looks, or you’ll just notice a few more smiles than normal. Enjoy the attention; you deserve it.

At Strut Hair Solutions, we know how hard it can be if you start to experience hair loss, no matter how mild. Everyone deserves to look as amazing on the outside as they are on the inside. Reach out to us for a free consultation, and we’ll help find the best option for you and your hair.

7 Reasons Short Blonde Wigs Are More Fun

Have you ever heard that blondes have more fun? At Strut Hair Solutions, we’re pretty sure that short blonde wigs are the secret to having more fun with your hair. We have countless styles and color options to help you get that short blonde hairstyle of your dreams.

1. Short Hair Is Easy to Wear

We usually recommend shorter wigs to our first-time customers. They’re easy to maintain and even easier to wear – and easy usually translates directly to fun.

Short wigs don’t require nearly as much effort to style. You don’t have as much hair to keep out of the way while you’re affixing the wig, and you can adjust the look in a matter of minutes. Just like regular hair, short wig styles weigh less and feel cooler on a humid summer day.

Your wig needs to be washed at least once a month; wash it more often if you wear it every day. Short wigs take far less time to clean, and they dry a lot faster, too. When it comes to having fun, simplicity really is the name of the game.

2. Blonde Hair Makes You Look Younger

Scientifically speaking, your hair gets darker as you get older. That means that if your hair is lighter, you’ll naturally look younger. And what color could possibly be lighter than platinum blonde?

Short hair also tends to give the wearer a bit of youthful charm. Tuck a stray curl behind your ear, flip your bangs out of your face, and walk with the sass that comes so naturally to young people. When you combine a cute short style with light-colored hair, that short blonde wig has suddenly taken years off your appearance.

3. Short Doesn’t Mean Too Short

Short hair reaches to chin length or above. You can stretch the definition to anything between your chin and your shoulders; if it’s short for you, it’s short!

We carry short blonde wigs in every style imaginable. From blunts to bobs to pixie cuts, you can go as short or as long as you like. Go for a long bob that gives you styling options, or choose a cute pixie wig for that confident and professional vibe. We’ll help you find the style you’ve always wanted; you can also be a little daring and try something completely new.

4. Highlights, Roots, and Ombres – Oh My!

There as so many shades of blonde, they’re almost impossible to count. Are you in the mood for a platinum blonde look that’s sharp like diamonds? How about a warm, strawberry-blonde head of hair that makes you feel cute and confident?

We add roots and highlights to our wigs for texture and definition. Once you’ve chosen the short blonde wig of your dreams, bring it into our salon for a styling session. We’ll add the perfect undertones to work with your complexion; when you walk out, you’ll be feeling like an absolute diva.

5. Feel the Fluff

If you’ve ever had short hair before, you know how delightfully fluffy it can be. Carefully cut layers will give your short wig a super-fun bounce that follows you everywhere. Fluff it, ruffle it, and run your fingers through it for that don’t-care style you’ve been dreaming of. Fluffy short hair: you have to try it to understand.

Strut Hair Solutions works with a variety of wig stores and providers to source the best wigs on the market. You can choose from synthetic, processed, or unprocessed hair. We recommend an unprocessed Remy wig for soft, touchable, and natural-feeling hair that you can fluff and style as much as you like.

6. Short. Blonde. Summer.

Nothing says summer quite like that bleached-blonde beach look. Feel the breeze on the back of your neck while you strut down the boardwalk eating a Popsicle. Let everyone think that those shiny blonde highlights came from spending too much time in the sun.

Summer is all about letting loose and having a little fun. Even if it’s not summer anymore, you can take that energy with you when you wear a short blonde wig. We recommend lace front wigs to help beat the summer heat.

7. Style It and Strut It

Short hair comes with so many style options, and they all look amazing. Part your hair in any direction. Add a touch of product (as long as it’s the right product for your wig), or slip on a hair tie to make a fluffy ponytail. With short blonde hair, every look you come up with will be cute, bouncy, and carefree.

The best part about short hair is that since you have less hair to style, you spend less time getting ready to go. Put that wig on and bounce out the door with an extra bit of strut in your step.

The best part about short hair is that since you have less hair to style, you spend less time getting ready to go. Put that wig on and bounce out the door with an extra bit of strut in your step.

At Strut Hair Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves to have a little fun with their hair. You should experience the confidence of a short blonde hairdo at least once in your life; trust us to help make that feeling a reality.

We specialize in providing gorgeous solutions for every hair type. Come on down to our salon for a free consultation. Try on our wide selection of short blonde wigs; we have a greater variety than most wig stores. Once you know how great you look in short blonde hair, check out our online store to choose the wig that’s perfect for you.

No matter what hairstyle you’re dreaming of, Strut Hair Solutions can help make it happen. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We hope to see you soon!

How to Make Realistic Looking Wigs

One of the biggest reasons people choose to not invest in a wig, is that it could potentially look “unrealistic” or “unnatural.” This is true at times; however, with the right practices you can make any wig look completely natural. Rather than being questioned if your hair is real, you’ll be receiving compliments on your gorgeous hair style in no time!

Size Correctly

If your wig is not sized properly, it can look both distasteful, and unrealistic. One of the key practices of maintaining realistic looking wigs is choosing the correct size. Take a look at this basic sizing chart for reference:

Circumference Wig Size
20.75 inches Petite
21.25 inches Small
22 inches Average
22.5 inches Average to Large
23 inches Large
24 inches Extra Large

A basic tape measure can be used to accurately measure your head circumference. Measure to and from the front of your hairline, making sure the tape is flat and level. If you are between sizes, it is recommended that you purchase the larger wig and try it out. Most wig stores allow returns for resizing!

Rooted Colors

Natural hair is rarely one mere color. The only exception is extremely dark hair. It is a common thing for people to have shaded and gradient streaks in their hair. These gradients are referred to as “dimension” by hair specialists. Wigs lacking dimension can look fake on occasion, as they don’t have natural color differentiations. This is where rooted colors come in. Rooted colors blend a few colors together in order to create a natural-looking gradient. Nowadays in the modern wig industry, most wigs have rooted color options.

Lace Fronts and Monofilament Tops

Lace front wigs specialize in making it appear as if your hairline is 100% natural. It creates an illusion that your hair is growing straight out of your scalp. Monofilament tops are not machine-binded. Hairs are individually sewn to the wig in order to give your wig more natural freedom. Wig hair moves more freely, and parts much easier as well. We suggest messing up the part a bit to make your wig look more realistic. Try tweezing and cutting a few hair strands to create a sense of imperfection. Removing density in wigs helps to create a more natural look. Don’t pluck towards the sides; use your tweezers to pluck strands away from the face in the direction of wig hairs. Be careful you are not plucking the lace, as it can potentially rip.


If you are fortunate enough that not all of your hair has fallen out, consider blending your natural hairline with the lace front wig line. It is tough for wigs to compete with natural hair in terms of realistic-looking hairlines, so blending could improve your look drastically. Flip your wig inside out and bleach the knots for the sake of blending. A 20-volume bleach left on for 20 minutes should be adequate. After 20 minutes, shampoo your wig—you’re good to go!


Full braids are not always necessary, but they can help create a more realistic looking wig. Compare different braid parting directions in the mirror and choose which looks best. Make sure the braids are not flat, as this can make your wig look unnatural.

Strut Hair Solutions Can Help You Choose a Realistic Looking Wig

As you search for your wig of preference, we recommend that you stick to a style you are comfortable with for your first investment. The wig to buy is a style that compliments the shape of your face and fits your lifestyle. If you are comfortable with your wig, and you try a few of the practices we’ve recommended, then it will likely look very realistic. You can search our various lengths, colors and styles for both synthetic and human hair on our wig shopping website.  Strut Hair Solutions is proud to offer private one-on-one free consultations.

Spotlight Vendor: Jon Renau Wigs

Jon Renau is one of the most globally established wig brands out there. Since 1984, they have been rocking the wig and alternative hair game. What makes the wig company different, though? Let’s explore Jon Renau’s origins, and delve into what separates the business from its competitors.

About Jon Renau

John and Stella Reynolds established Jon Renau in 1984. Now, the wig company is considered the “world’s leading manufacturer of wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions.” Jon Renau originally began selling alternative hair pieces in South Africa before 1984, however. Then, the business moved to Vista, California, where Jon Renau has been headquartered to this day.

Jon Renau’s mission is “to deliver the most natural fiber options, fashion-forward styles, most comfortable cap designs and innovative hair solutions to the end wearer.” This vision has remained unchanged throughout the wig business’s successful life span. Jon Renau is now partnered with more than 2,000 local boutiques, oncology centers, medical facilities, retailers, and e-commerce websites.

Jon Renau Wigs: What Makes Them Different

One aspect that differentiates Jon Renau wigs from competitors is the huge color selection. There are currently 1,500+ differing wig styles, hair extensions, hair additions, hairpieces, headwear pieces, and hair-care products. Jon Renau also has hundreds of options available in its exclusive SmartLace, SmartLace Human Hair, Heat Defiant, and topper collections product lines.

What is SmartLace? Essentially, it involves lace front wigs with each hair hand-tied to the lace, which depicts a fully natural-growing hairline. It ensures a secure fit that conforms to your head-shape. Jon Renau emphasizes customization and personalization in its wigs.

Jon Renau’s Heat Defiant technology has revolutionized the wig industry. Heat Defiant wigs are able to be flat ironed, crimped and curled—similar to human hair! Jon Renau wigs that are heat resistant are crafted from synthetic fibers that are manipulated by heating tools, allowing you to recreate your look every day in the same way as real human hair.

Hair toppers are a specialty of Jon Renau. They instantly add volume and body to fine, thin hair. No matter which stage you are in hair loss, Jon Renau offers different topper options to transform your appearance. These are definitely the optimal alternative to a full wig.

Affordability is also important to Jon Renau. Relative to other wig and alternative hair piece companies, Jon Renau is on the less expensive side of the spectrum. This means that if you choose to invest in Jon Renau wigs, you can purchase more for an equal or lower price compared to other brands. Who doesn’t love to have a larger selection of wigs to choose from every day?

The massive amount of colors for each wig is a prominent benefit of choosing the Jon Renau wig brand. For example, check out this extensive color palette for Jon Renau’s “Kristen Synthetic Lace Front Wig.”

Where to Buy Jon Renau WigsStrut Hair Solutions offers a wide variety of wigs including countless Jon Renau pieces. Featuring wigs, toppers, bangs, hairpieces, and clip-ons, the assortment is seemingly endless. It is in your hair’s best interest to seek the guidance of a trained hair and wig professional in order to to find the best fit for your appearance, lifestyle, and budget. For additional information on any wig or hair piece brand, contact us

Help, My Hair is Falling Out – What do I do?

First and foremost, your situation is more common than you probably think. Many people—even individuals early on in their aging processes—experience hair loss. Before you start preparing for a self-confidence plummet, listen to this: STRUT Hair Solutions wants to keep you feeling fantastic. Let’s take a look at hair loss problems, how they occur, how to prevent them, and how STRUT can help.

Is it Normal for Hair to Fall Out?

Don’t fret—your hair loss problem is shared by many others. In fact, women lose about 100 hairs a day on average. Hair loss is especially common during the winter season, as dry scalps lose hair easier and faster. If you have been through stressful times recently, then hair loss is very typical. Is your hair thinning as well as falling out? This is merely a part of aging. The key is to recognize when your hair has surpassed the standard level of falling out. If much more than 100 hairs are leaving your scalp a day, or random bald patches are appearing quickly, then it would be wise to consult a doctor or dermatologist. In the meantime, let’s take a look at how to prevent these problems, and how to cope if they’ve already begun.

Causes and Prevention Methods

We have some bad news, and some good news. The bad news is that some people are genetically made with above-average hair loss traits. Unfortunately, this type of problem is unpreventable. The good news is that many instances of hair falling out can be avoided. For example, traction alopecia can be caused by styling hair in a tight manner at the root. A simple fix for this issue is to loosen hair and stay away from extremely tight braids. Are

In most cases, undergoing chemotherapy has the side effect of hair loss. Thankfully, chemotherapy hair loss is usually temporary. Regrowth tends to be expected between three to six months after chemotherapy treatments end.

“Trichotillomania” is the irresistible urge to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows, or other areas. While this does not mean hair is falling out on its own, it is still important to understand how to deal with Trichotillomania in order to reduce hair loss.  Learn more about the disorder here:

With the advancement of technology, there are new, effective options available to those struggling with hair loss or thinning. Laser Hair Therapy is a non-surgical, scientific approach in the cosmetic treatment of hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems. Unlike many other treatments, LLLT works on all areas of the scalp and has been clinically proven to work. STRUT Hair Solution’s multi-therapeutic approach to regain hair growth involves shampoos, topical treatments, vitamins, and cold laser therapy, in order to support a healthy scalp for thicker and fuller hair.

Treatment: Have you Considered Wigs?

We wish that there was a single, universal answer to treating all hair loss problems, but that is sadly not the case. If you are seeking a treatment product that could be used to regain hair growth, make sure it is FDA approved.

It’s hard not to lose self-confidence when hair starts falling out. This effect can be reversed by picking out a wig or hair piece. STRUT Hair Solutions takes pride in helping both men and women find suitable solutions to hair loss problems. At STRUT, our experts can help you personalize your look, so you feel more confident than ever!

A mass amount of wig choices is available, differing in length, hair material, (human hair vs. synthetic) brands, color, highlights, and more. The great thing is, you can try out as many wigs as you’d like by scheduling an in-person private consultation—nothing beats physically seeing and feeling wigs when deciding between a few.

STRUT Hair Solutions Can Help

Hair loss is never a fun topic, but the great news is we have options available to you. Not sure which option is best? We are more than happy to offer a private one-on-one free consultation. We will evaluate and provide the costs, length of time involved if LLLT is chosen and or various styling options with our wigs. When hair loss starts affecting a healthy lifestyle daily, it is time to make a change. Small changes can make a positive impact in ways never imagined.

How To Get Wig Care Products

Taking care of your hair investment can easily be built into a routine. Whether wearing a hair piece/wig often or storing it away, using the proper hair care products is a must. Every type of hair (synthetic or human) has specific care instructions and use.   

Wig Care Products

Wig Care Products

Hair care products for wigs include shampoo, conditioners, various styling liquids or mousses, combs or styling COMBS. To maintain the best condition of the hair, it is best to wash using products that match the type of hair fiber.  Using standard hair products may damage the wig and shorten the lifespan. The chemicals in standard products do not mesh can be too harsh and drying. Shampoos for the hair on your head are formulated to remove the oil build up from your hair to leave a clean and fresh feel. Wigs on the other hand are not attached to the scalp, therefore they do not build up that natural oil that shampoos are looking to remove. A wig might last a little longer before a wash is needed if a cap is worn on the head so that the oils from hairs do not seep through to the wig.   

There are several natural options for wigs available on the market that are oil free and add a coat of shine without damaging the hair. Tons of great sprays that will minimize frizzing and leave a shiny healthy look to the wig.  If you prefer to have your wig professionally serviced, you can always send your wig to a Strut store! Our wig services include washing, and styling for both wigs and extensions, contact us to see how we can help you care for your wig.

How to Wash a Wig

For proper wig care review these seven steps:

1: Detangle the wig using a wide tooth comb. Brush through gently but do not pull.

2: Prepare a bowl of cold water and mix a capful of shampoo in. Use shampoo strictly for wigs to avoid dying or damaging the wig.

3. Soak the wig for 3-5 minutes. Do not wash the hair by scrubbing the hair together. Simply let the wig sit in the soapy water for the time recommended and if needed you may move it from one side to the other gently.

4. Remove the wig and refill the bowl with fresh cold water removing any soapy suds

5. Immerse the wig in cold water once again.

6. Remove the wig and place on a wig stand. This is the time to add any spray in conditioners, products to add shine. If you do not have a wig stand, gently lay the wig on a towel laying flat.

7. Allow the wig to dry, pat dry with a towel if needed and  avoid any heating type products (ie: hair dryers, straighteners)

If you have a synthetic wig the style will appear once again, just give the wig a good shake. With human hair, you may need to style your hair to your desire every time you wash, depending on the look you’re going for. Our recommendation is to wash your wigs about every 7 to 10th time that you wear it.

Where to Buy Wig Shampoo

A wig is an investment and just like anything you make an investment in, there are certain products to maintain and clean that match the product. As stated above, a wig is not attached to the head which means the typical oils that are on top of your head or scalp are not on the wig. Most standard hair products out there will have various chemicals to get rid of those oils. This process would leave a wig dry and damaged. Purchase products that mesh well, leaving the wig looking healthy and fresh while maintaining the quality of the product.

There are several ways to purchase products for wigs. Online is a great avenue especially since reviews are available on most sites and products. We offer all of our in-store products for sale online so call us to find out how you can purchase wig shampoo. It is always recommended to contact a wig expert such as Strut Hair Solution for advice and opinions.  

Wig Care and Maintenance

Wig care and maintenance will depend on the amount of time the wig is worn and what occurs while wearing the wig. Is the wearer more active and sweats often? Is the wig worn all day, every day? If so, the wig may need to be washed every 7th day or earlier on. It will be easy to determine when a wash should occur and if there isn’t a need, wash the wig every 12-14 days instead. While it is important to wash and care for the wig, it is also just as important that the wig isn’t excessively washed. A wig investment should last 6 months to a year with proper maintenance.

The good news is Strut Hair Solutions offers consultations allowing clients to receive the best advice and styling options for wigs. Recommendations on products and washing tips are provided along with overall instruction to maintain the quality of the wig. Contact Strut Hair Solutions for a consultation today!  

Are PCOS and Hair Loss Related?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal imbalance of the reproductive system which creates an issue with the ovaries and how the egg is developed or released each month. For women, one of the common symptoms is an increase of hair on the face or other parts of the body that men usually grow hair. Oddly enough, another symptom is thinning hair on the scalp like male pattern baldness.

What Is The Cause For PCOS and Hair Thinning?

Although there isn’t an exact science on why the hair growth or thinning occurs with PCOS, some think it has to do with high levels of androgens. Many people assume that androgens are “male hormones” because of the steroid hormone or testosterone. However, androgen levels are in women and men. The difference is the level of androgens a male or female produces. When a female produces more than normal levels of androgen, some of the signs of PCOS come into play.  The main job of androgens in a female is to convert into estrogen whereas the androgen in males play an important role for reproduction and male traits. Androgenetic Alopecia is a common term for hair loss in men and women. The way a male or female loses their hair is a little different. The male might have receding hair line or thinning at the crown of the hear. Women will have overall thinning of the hair across the entire scalp. About 10% of people with alopecia areata may never regrow hair.

What Are Some Of The PCOS Hair Loss Affects?

Hair loss and thinning can be extremely devastating and affects about 80 million men and women in the United States. It can affect self-esteem, social activity and overall mental health. Many times, the medical side pays little to no attention to the side effect of hair loss in women. However, it can be a big emotional distress that is legitimate and should be addressed immediately.  Some people are able to overcome hair loss or thinning; however others may develop serious conditions such as depression and anxiety.

If you are feeling this way or just want to improve your overall hair image, there are options available! Options such as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Topical products and/or Synthetic or Human Hair Wigs.  

Options For Individuals With PCOS Hair Loss or Thinning

Laser Hair Therapy is a non-surgical, scientific approach in the cosmetic treatment of hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems.  Low level laser therapy (LLLT) has been tested for effectiveness and safety for over 30 years all around the world, and several medical devices have now been cleared by the FDA. Unlike many other treatments, LLLT works on all areas of the scalp and has been clinically proven to work.

  • Functions on the same scientific principle as that of photo-bio-stimulation. Laser light stimulates cell metabolism and helps damaged cells to repair themselves.
  • Increases the size of the capillaries under hair follicles and stimulates nutrients and energy to the hair follicles.
  • Increases protein growth and 54% increase in blood flow

Topical products such as shampoos, topical treatments, vitamins mixed with cold laser therapy are typically combined for a multi-therapeutic approach to support a healthy scalp for thicker, fuller hair. 

For those that want a quick and easy solution, beautifully made synthetic or human hair wigs are a great option. There are two options available: synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs. Although human hair is costlier, it looks natural, is durable, can be styled with various tools and dyed or highlighted professionally as you would your normal hair. Synthetic hair costs less and also has many advantages, such as holding style regardless of weather or wash, low maintenance and various style options. Another option could potentially be hair pieces. Hair pieces are customized to your hair, filling in thinning and/or balding areas providing a fuller look. The various types depend on the area that need focus: hair toppers, hair extensions, hair pieces and volumizers.

Get Help With Options for PCOS and Hair Loss!

Hair thinning and loss is never a fun topic, but the great news is we have options. Not sure which option is best? We are more than happy to offer a private one-on-one free consultation. We will evaluate and provide the costs, length of time involved if LLLT is chosen and or various styling options with our wigs. When hair loss starts affecting a healthy lifestyle daily, it is time to make a change. Small changes can make a positive impact in ways never imagined.

Top 5 Wig Storage Solutions

Now that you have a wig to enhance your everyday look, it’s important to protect your beauty investment. Depending on your storage capabilities, number of wigs and usage there are a few options that will fit your needs. Let’s look at Strut’s top 5 wig storage solutions.

Wig FAQs – Top Questions About Wigs

Wigs are trending by the minute not only for celebrities or medical reasons but for everyday use in any household. Bad hair day? Hair thinning? Want to preserve your hair? You are not alone! New or experienced to wigs, our hair experts curated an extensive Wig FAQ to guide you on your beauty investment.

Choosing the Right Type of Wig

Let’s start with the different types of wigs on the market. One of the most common topics you’ll find is the debate between Human hair vs Synthetic Hair. Although human hair is costlier, it looks natural, is durable, can be styled with various tools and dyed or highlighted professionally as you would your normal hair. Synthetic hair costs less and also has many advantages, such as holding style regardless of weather or wash, low maintenance and various style options.

The types of human hair wigs, are either chemically treated or not:  Processed vs. Unprocessed. Processed hair basically means the hair has been chemically treated by dipping in an acrylic acid to strip the natural effects, giving the styling abilities the manufacturer would like. Typically, processed wigs have an added silicone coat to give a shine that looks great but will not last as long as an unprocessed wig.

Unprocessed wigs, aka remy hair, Remy vs. Non Remy, are not chemically treated, typically come from one donor and look dull. Although your eyes will automatically veer towards the processed look, we highly recommend unprocessed hair. Don’t worry though, our award-winning salon and wig services can add the colors and depth you want to your wig.

What’s the Difference Between Wigs and Hairpieces?

The main difference between wigs and hair pieces is the amount of coverage. Wigs cover the entire scalp. You can put it on as needed, tuck in your hair and go! Style your wig in various ways and add different depth or color as needed. A lace front wig sew-in provides an extremely natural look matching your current hairline making it very hard to detect.

Hair pieces are customized to your hair, filling in thinning and/or balding areas providing a fuller look. The various types depend on the area that you need focus on: hair toppers, hair extensions, hair pieces and volumizers. Hair pieces can be styled with your current hair, come in different thickness and can also be perfectly color matched. In order to obtain a seamless integration, it is important that you select the correct length, and type of hair (curly, straight, wavy) to match yours.

Still not sure which is best for you? We understand everyone’s needs are different and sometimes you need to try on dozens of wigs before you really know. We are here to help and are more than happy to offer a private one-on-one free consultation. Contact us if you need our experts to visit your current salon, hospital, or home when necessary.

How to Care for Your Wigs

Our guide to wig care will give you all the do’s and don’ts so you can do your best protecting your investment. Most of the tips we share could be done at home yourself. However, we offer all of these services in studio if you’re unsure or just would like us to do it.

To clean your wig you must first detangle using a wide tooth comb. You can brush through gently but try not to pull. Prepare a bowl of cold water and mix a cap full of shampoo in. Soak for about three to five minutes. Remove your wig and refill the bowl with fresh cold water removing any soapy suds. Immerse your wig in the cold water once again. While your wig is wet, place it on a wig stand and spray conditioner. Allow your wig to dry, keeping in mind that you should never blow dry synthetic hair. If you have a synthetic wig the style will appear once again. With human hair, you will need to style your hair to your desire every time you wash. Our recommendation is to wash your wigs about every 7 to 10th time that you wear it.

How Do I Find a Wig to Buy?

As you begin to search for your wig of preference, we highly suggest you stick to a style you are comfortable with for your first investment. The wig to buy is a style that compliments the shape of your face and fits your lifestyle whether you are considering exercise, every day attire, etc. You can search our various lengths, colors and styles  for both synthetic and human hair on our site: Shop for Wigs Online!  

We are here to help you and are more than happy to offer a private one-on-one free consultation.

Wigs with Bangs Style Guide

Bangs are simply the best. It is a timeless addition that any woman can create to instantly make a statement. The choices of bang variation are endless as well. Many people view bangs as an accessory-level piece, but in some cases, they can steal the show.  Some wigs already incorporate bangs, or they can simply be cut in or, added on as an extra hairpiece or hair topper. Bangs are very youthful, I like to say they can be an instant facelift.

The Best Face-Type for Bangs

Square faces take the cake when looking at bang additions. The key is to highlight your solid jawline as the superstar, using the magic of bangs. Styles that are most complimenting are generally medium to short in length with some sort of texture. This could include tendrils, loose curls, or wispy bangs. It’s a smart thought to stay away from pin-straight styles, as these will make your features look sharper, instead of complementing them. Consider trying Cat by Ellen Willie, as it accentuates both the wispy bangs, and loose curls. It features a monofilament crown, natural-feeling synthetic hair, and is offered in a vast array of colors.

You don’t have a square-shaped head? Don’t fret. Bangs can improve any hairstyle, no matter your shape. Let’s explore more reasons why you should consider a wig with bangs.

Why You Should Choose Wigs with Bangs

Ever hear of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?” The iconic show’s stars are known for their eye-catching hair. Lisa Rinna spices boasts a pixie-shag with all sorts of adjustments for each episode. However, the television diva is always rocking one thing: Stellar bangs.

You can still have great bangs without being a total diva. There are many softer options as well. Long side bangs that gently kiss the forehead are a popular option for women seeking subtle bang additions. They can be short enough to act as the focus point of your style, but they can boast enough length to tuck behind your ear. Now how’s that for flexibility?

Need more reasons to get bangs? They are an ideal way to “shake things up.” New job? Traveling somewhere for an extended time period? Ending a relationship? Whatever it is, bangs can act as a subtle “changing of the seasons” for your personal appearance and self-perception.

Does the question, “are bangs in style?” sound familiar? News flash: Bangs have been involved in fashion through the past 100 years, and they’re still extremely fashionable to this day. Plus, it’s easier than ever to add bangs to your look without the commitment or risk of a bad haircut. Bangs today and gone tomorrow.

How to take Bangs on a “Test-Drive”

A set of clip-on bangs is a safe way to find out if bangs are for you. They can easily be clipped onto your hairline and will easily change your style without the sheers. Clip-in bangs typically come in a variety of colors, which makes finding your favorite shade a piece of cake. Some are made of human hair, and some are made synthetic hair; regardless, it will surely feel just like your own hair once installed. The great thing is that you can trim and change the style of your clip-on bangs, just as if it were your actual hair. Except there are no consequences in this case!

Another option at your disposal is to purchase a full wig with bangs already cut in. This is a smart move if your hair is short and you don’t want to wait for it to grow out to add clip-on bangs. Even better, it gives you the ease of going between short to long in an instant. For this kind of look, check out Avery by Noriko which features a full bang and long layers with tousled curls.

Wigs with Bangs

This feminine look will have your friends adding bangs to their style in days!

Where to Shop for Wigs with Bangs and Other Bang Accessories?

Strut Hair Solutions offers a wide variety of wigs with bangs, hairpieces, and clip-ons. It is in your hair’s best interest to seek the guidance of a trained professional in alternative hair to find the best fit for your lifestyle and budget. For additional information on wigs and hair pieces, contact us today. We look forward to serving you and creating the hair you’ve always wanted!