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Laser Hair Therapy

Stop Shedding Hair and Stimulate Re-Growth with Laser Hair Therapy!

What is laser hair therapy? Also known as Laser Hair Restoration, it is for clients who are interested in increasing the health and thickness of their hair. Our multi-therapeutic approach with shampoos, topical treatments, vitamins, and cold laser therapy combine to support a healthy scalp for thicker, fuller hair. Our holistic hair therapy method stops further thinning and can stimulate hair re-growth.

We have teamed up with HLCC, the world leader in Laser Therapy, to offer you a treatment system proven to work at 125 clinics in 25 countries. Contact us now for our Hair Replacement San Diego and Fresno services.

What is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?
Who should consider Laser Hair Loss Treatment?

What Doctors Are Saying About Laser Hair Loss Treatment:

“Almost all clients will stop hair loss and regrow hair, how much they regrow varies, 98% of clients are very happy”
– Dr. Michael Fuhrman, HLCC
“100% Increase in Hair Count”
– Dr. Grant Kohler, Transplant Surgeon
“Our staff is seeing remarkable results with Clinical Laser”
– Dr. Hagstrom, Anew Aesthetic Medical Center
“Hair loss can be successfully treated with low-level laser therapy”
– Dr. Alvereze, LogiHealth

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