We are your Hair Extension Experts.

Hair extensions are an amazing tool that can help enhance your appearance and confidence.  We take great pride in our work, and offer multiple hair extension services, that together we will choose the attachment method that is best for  your hair type and lifestyle this way we are not compromising your own natural hair and ensuring your extensions will be virtually undetectable.

What extensions can do for you:

  • Add Length – Turn heads with Longer Hair – Great for Clients who’s hair wont grow past a certain length
  • Add Volume – Sexy hair with more Volume/Fullness  – Get rid of thin fine hair.
  • Add Color – High lights or low lights that won’t damage your hair  – The possibilities are endless

Hair Costs

Each brand, and type of hair extension comes in different colors, lengths, and amount of hair per package. This means each method of hair extensions will have a different price.

Application Service  
With every new application service, we include hands-on education on maintaining your extensions &  customizing / blending the extensions into your hair for a seamless look &  so you leave the salon looking as amazing as you will feel.
What To Expect With  Maintenance
Some hair extensions are able to be moved up, re-installed, and/or re-used. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your investment for maintaining your hair extensions throughout the life span of the hair.
clip-in-hair-extensions-before-and-after-short-hair-300x173Easy to Care For:
Extensions are safe with minimal damage when applied and removed by a trained hair extension professional.

Hair extensions are not a one-type-fits-all kind of service.  We offer different attachment types, brands, textures, and price points. 

Which hair extensions are the best for your hair type?

Your hair type and density
This is the most important step to figure out which hair extensions are the best for your hair. First, choose an attachment method that your hair can handle with the least amount of stress.

Your Lifestyle
Your lifestyle will be a factor in which attachment method you choose. If you do hot yoga, go to the gym or swim certain attachments will work better than others and some we would not recommend.   We will go over your  lifestyle in your free consultation.

Will hair extensions damage your own hair?

We say hair extensions are like a blow dryer or curling iron, minimum damage as long as you follow these steps

The wrong type of hair extensions are applied to your hair

Too much hair that is too heavy for your hair type, or the wrong type of an attachment. This is why a consultation is necessary so we can discuss your expectations  and go over the options that are best suited for your hair.

Not using proper hair extension care products

Hair extensions require a certain products to maintain their health, and keep stress off your natural hair. We will go over the products we recommend to keep your hair and the extension hair looking it’s best.

Irregular maintenance

Each type of hair extensions requires maintenance or reapplications. Not following the recommended maintenance or reapplication can increase the potential for damage.

What is the best hair for extensions?

Your specific type of hair will certainly determine the type of hair extensions to use and how to apply them. But, there is no single type of hair that can support the use of the extensions. It just requires a Strut specialist to help make sure everything is planned appropriately for you. We discuss this in more detail for those looking for additional information on extensions for fine hair.

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