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Hair Toppers

A hair topper is often referred to as a “wiglet,” “half wig” or “top piece” and is designed to only cover a portion of your head. Topper hair pieces vary in size but are typically applied at least an inch behind the hair line and integrate with your naturally grown hair. They vary in size but at Strut Hair Solutions, we carry toppers ranging from 2×4 inches to 8×9 inches depending on the customer needs. It is a great solution for those experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, alopecia but is not an alternative to a traditional wig needed for full scalp coverage. Hair Toppers are designed to work with natural hair to appear fuller and add layers.

A hair topper is a lightweight, breathable addition and can be worn in an “updo,” bun or ponytail style. It is often difficult to integrate the pony tail style in a full wig, making toppers a great option if desired. Toppers are also much more affordable than a full wig and you can have several to tailor to your mood or occasion.



Our synthetic hair toppers and natural hair toppers come in a variety of styles for both women and men. We work closely with our customers to get the exact color and texture match with the natural hair. Our Strut hair toppers and top pieces are a great solution for thinning hair and are great for any mood, personal style, or occasion. Hair Toppers are typically attached using clips or caps to integrate for a seamless look. We offer varied degrees of length and coverage to give a natural, full look without sacrificing comfort and breathability. You will love our synthetic and human hair toppers!

For more information about the various hair replacement options available and where to buy synthetic or human hair toppers, contact us to schedule a free confidential consultation.

Fresno Hair Volumizers

A Temporary Answer to Hair Styling Problems

Hair Topper enhancements are temporary. Unlike a hair cut, styles achieved with hair enhancers are reversible. This makes them a safer option for those who like to experiment often. If you don’t like the look, simply change the hair enhancer.  A small fringe add on in the front can give you a whole new personality. A little volume in the back can lend you the extra elegance or grace that you have always longed for. Add color without the use of chemicals and damage to your hair! 

No Damage to Existing Hair

There is no damage to the natural hair. All a hair enhancer does is add artificial length, style and panache to existing hair.
Hair enhancers are an easy, simple, do-it-yourself type of method to hide the fact that your hair is thinning. The right kind of enhancer can make your hair look full, shiny and healthy. Enhancers add life to limp and dull hair, making you look absolutely gorgeous.