Why Strut?

  • Wig Store Walk-Ins Welcome
  • Thinning/Damaged Hair Solutions
  • Private Fitting Rooms
  • Private Appointments Available
  • Affordable Solutions for Any Budget

Our wig shop specializes in Medical Hair Loss, such as: 

  • Wigs for Sale

You Are Our Priority

Your experience at Strut is our top priority. We understand that hair loss is a personal matter, so we offer a warm, enjoyable, and safe environment. We specialize in customizing your wig or extensions to your face shape and will trim & style your selection at time of purchase with no additional charge.

The Possibilities

Hair is youthful and sexy. Hair is confidence-boosting. At STRUT, we empower womenone client at a time. You will walk out of STRUT feeling confident & sexy with your hair. Our certified wig & extension specialists will educate you on your choices and answer any questions you have. The possibilities are endless! Hair loss affects 5 million women every year…don’t let anyone know you’re one of them. 

Recover with Confidence

We specialize in innovative and natural options for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. We have partnered with many local doctors’ offices, as their go-to studio for clients with hair loss. Please call your insurance provider before you come in to the studio. This way, you’ll know if, and what, your plan will cover for your cranial prosthesis.

The Strut Difference

Our online wig store collection is the largest, most comprehensive selection of wigs, hair extensions, & topical solutions. We understand that your experience with us is the most important aspect of our interaction. We strive to create an easy, enjoyable experience for you and your guests. We invite you to come in and experience the difference at STRUT for yourself.


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Let us introduce ourselves

About the Strut Wig Store

STRUT Hair Solutions is a local wig store with locations in Fresno, CA and San Diego, CA. Our hair store wig locations are meant for women to visit when they want to feel young, sexy, and free from the negative self-image that hair loss can cause. 

We offer high-quality products made by the most stylish and innovative of wig designers. We are a community of stylists, supporters, and survivors. Together, we share a passion for reigniting self-confidence and inspiring life through creativity & compassion.

How it all came to be…


Here at STRUT Hair Solutions, we are passionate about hair & we appreciate all things that make women feel confident in their own skin. We were established in 2002 with the simple vision of  helping women feel good and empowered with themselves and in their appearance.

We sell wigs, hair extensions, and other hair products that highlight  your own unique look. We also understand that high-quality hair solutions are an investment; thus, we offer services like washing, drying, cutting, styling, and more, to help protect them. We offer a wide range of price points, toofrom budget-conscious to the discerning client looking for the best of the best.

Buy Wigs

Buying Guide

Shopping for a wig or hair extensions can be confusing and overwhelming.  How do you know where to begin? How do you know what’s best for you? From synthetic wigs to human hair, lace front wigs or hair extensions. This buying guide is meant to help you navigate through the clutter and find the product that best suits your needs so you can wig shop online with confidence. 

Walk-ins are welcome anytime. You can also choose to schedule an appointment.

We look forward serving you!

Strut Hair Solutions

Our Services

Our licensed cosmetologists provide a variety of wig services: 

  • Private 1-on-1 Hair Consultations (1 Hour $65)
  • Wig Services – Wash, Dry, Style and Refurbish
  • Extension Services – Cutting, Blending & Maintenance
  • Salon Services – Cut, Style & Color your wig or extensions
  • Perm Services
  • Laser Hair Therapy
  • Assistance with Medical Billing/in-network some AETNA Plans 

From the Owner of Strut Wigs

Hello, beautiful! I’m so happy you’re here. I believe we all deserve to feel empowered in our own skin and I believe hair is empowering.  I believe when we feel empowered we show up as our best selves.

I’ve had days I didn’t want to take a photo because my hair didn’t look good in them. I’ve had days I didn’t go out with friends because I was self-conscious about my hair. I ended up not being present because all I could do was think about my hair. That feeling sucks…but you can get past it, too.

Using hair extensions, top hair extensions, and lace front wigs, has changed my life. My extensions keep my hair full and healthy. As we get older, many of us can only grow our hair to a certain length, but now I don’t have to worry about that. No one ever believes my age and I swear…it’s the hair! 

It is my mission to give everyone their power back to feel and look our best. The way I do that for people is through STRUT.

Today, we have thousands of clients who are now personal friends and our team can help people…while doing what we love!  We hope to see you here soon and get you strutting in your new hair!  

Helena Gibson

Kim’s Story

Watch Kim’s story above to learn more about her journey struggling with thinning hair, and understand where Helena’s desire to help others regain their confidence through hair all began!

Stay up to date with Tips, Tricks & Other Info

The Strut Blog

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge with clientsand really anyone who wants to know more about wigs, extensions, and hair loss  products. Whether you want to know more about alternative hair, new topical solutions or just get more information about hair options… we’ve got you covered. To view all of our recent articles, please visit the Strut Hair Solutions Wig & Hair Blog and you can look through topics that you may find interesting. Your comments and feedback will be considered and much appreciated!

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