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Hair thickeners can be used as a topical product for hair loss in the form of a cream, foam, gel, or ointment that is applied directly to the affected area on the scalp. These products range from natural dietary supplements to prescribed medication and have varying degrees of effectiveness. Some of these same treatments also come in pill form to take orally rather than applying to the skin. At Strut Hair Solutions, we usually recommend the topical application because it is less likely to cause any undesired side-effects.

Hair loss affects men and women differently. In men, it is generally accepted that the main culprit of the balding process, also known as androgenic alopecia, is from dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Many products exist to help block DHT production but there can be side-effects to be aware of. Most commonly, DHT blockers can result in reduced sex-drive and possible depression so dosage should be watched closely.

In women, it is understood that multiple enzymes and hormones are often working together causing hair loss so the efficacy in blocking DHT is reduced. We recommend topical products for men and women and studies have shown that minoxidil, the ingredient in Rogaine, shows favorable results as a topical hair loss product. The Mayo Clinic has a study on the side-effects of minoxidil so it is important to use precaution with this topical product.  

Effective topical hair loss treatments can be hard to find. Especially when considering whether or not to apply them to your wig or hair extensions. But, there are a few gems we have found & carry a few high quality hair thickeners at our stores. A good topical hair regrowth product can help combat thinning hair. Though these treatments aren’t guaranteed to regrow lost hair, they can help you keep the hair you do have. Topical products and hair thickeners are offered for both men and women and a great degree of research have gone into individual products.

For more information about topical hair loss products, hair thickeners, and how to ensure they won’t damage your wig or hair extensions, please contact Strut Hair Solutions to schedule a free confidential consultation.