Hair Thickeners & Topical Hair Loss Products

Effective topical hair loss treatments can be hard to find. At STRUT we offer a multi-therapeutic approach.

A good topical hair regrowth product can help combat thinning hair and your make your existing hair feel thicker. Another very common benefit is the fact they can slow down shedding and help you keep the hair you currently have.

Hair loss affects men and women differently. In men, it is generally accepted that the main culprit of the balding process, also known as androgenic alopecia, is from dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Many products exist to help block DHT production but there can be side-effects to be aware of.

In women, it is understood that multiple enzymes and hormones are often working together causing hair loss so the efficacy in blocking DHT can be reduced.

But, there are a few gems we have found and have had great success with at our studios.  All of the hair treatment products we carry come with a 4 month money back guarantee. We encourage our clients to use the products/system for 4 months, an anagen hair growth cycle.  After that time clients notice the shedding decreased or stopped, hair is more manageable, any scalp conditions are cleared up and with new baby hairs! 

Our hair thickeners are mostly made by Revivogen can be used as a topical product for hair loss in the form of a cream, foam, gel, or spray that is applied directly to the affected area on the scalp. These products range from natural dietary supplements to full 4% minoxidil  and have varying degrees of effectiveness. At Strut Hair Solutions, we usually recommend the topical application because it is less likely to cause any undesired side-effects and our natural DHT blocking complete hair vitamins. 

Hair Thickeners | Topical Hair Products

Hair Thickeners on Wigs & Extensions

Please visit our Laser Hair Therapy page. Our multi-therapeutic approach with shampoos, topical treatments, vitamins, and cold laser therapy combine to support a healthy scalp for thicker, fuller hair, healthier hair and can promote hair re-growth.

For more information about topical hair loss products, hair thickeners, and other hair loss solutions please contact Strut Hair Solutions to schedule a free consultation.