Overcoming Chemotherapy Hair Loss

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Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Why Does Chemo Cause Hair Loss?

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the side-effects that both men and women fear when choosing to undergo chemotherapy is hair loss. Due to the fast-growing nature of the hair cells produced in the hair root, chemotherapy incidentally targets and stops hair growth on the entire body.

However, not all chemotherapy drugs will cause complete hair loss. Some people have reported only thinning or hair loss on certain parts of the body, rather than all. 

Chemotherapy Hair Loss Timeline

Hair-loss in chemotherapy can occur within two to four weeks after treatment starts, depending on the strength and dosage of the treatment. Fortunately, hair loss from chemo is usually temporary, with regrowth expected to start three to six months after treatment ends.

As chemotherapy starts to cause hair loss, we recommend cutting the hair very short or to even shave it off completely. Mentally, this allows you to take control of your treatment and makes managing hair loss easier.

How to Cope with Hair Loss During Chemo

It is important to find a wig you’re comfortable with well before the hair has completely fallen out, because a great wig will ease you through cancer with confidence. Being a Recover With Confidence provider, STRUT Hair Solutions is dedicated to helping women who are experiencing medically-induced hair loss. We are committed to doing our small part to help you recover with confidence! We are in the service business and we are here to help women like you. Our Recover with Confidence certification program is evidence of our dedication and expertise.

Chemotherapy can leave your scalp feeling tender and sensitive, so STRUT uses wigs created from soft, silky, natural-looking, and lightweight materials. These wigs for chemo patients are carefully constructed and feature comfortable caps that result in a natural look and feel. In addition, we recommend using our recommended cleansers and moisturizers to help care for your scalp. Our services starts with a discreet and compassionate consultation with one of our certified professionals.

Hair Regrowth After Chemo

How soon after chemo does hair grow back? Unfortunately, hair regrowth may be slow, thin, short (obviously) and of a different color or texture than your hair was before chemotherapy. 

Topical products have proven to be effective. High protein, vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E also help promote capillary growth. There are tons of great resources online for treatment for hair loss after chemotherapy.

For more information about our Recover with Confidence affiliation and how to find choose the best medical grade wigs for yourself or loved one, contact us and we can schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.