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Strut Hair Solutions Client on her wedding day

Your Dream Wedding Hair with Strut Hair Solutions

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and important days of your life. Every bride dreams of looking and feeling her absolute best as she walks down the aisle, and beautiful, perfect hair is a huge part of that vision. Whether you envision flowing locks, an elegant updo, or a vintage-inspired style, Strut Hair Solutions is here to help you achieve your dream wedding hair.
Pamper Mom this Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day: Give the Gift of Hair with Strut Hair Solutions

Mother's Day is a special occasion to honor and celebrate the…
Surprising Reasons Your Hair is Falling Out: A Guide for Women

Surprising Reasons Your Hair is Falling Out: A Guide for Women

Hair loss is a common concern among women, impacting not just physical appearance but also emotional well-being. While factors like genetics and aging are well-known causes, there are lesser-known reasons behind hair loss that might surprise you. In this guide, we'll explore some unexpected culprits behind hair fall and how Strut Hair Solutions can assist you in addressing this concern.
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It’s Never Too Late for Your 2024 Hair Resolutions

Are you still working on your 2024 resolutions? March is here, and it's the perfect time to check in on your goals for the year. If one of your resolutions involves a focus on self-care, don't forget to give some love to your hair. After all, it's a crucial part of your identity and confidence.
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Love Your Hair: A Valentine’s Day Tribute to Self-Love with Strut Hair Solutions

In February, the month of love, it's time to embrace and cherish every strand of your hair. Whether you're flaunting natural locks, experimenting with colors, or exploring the world of wigs, self-love is the ultimate beauty secret. Join us as we delve into the importance of loving your hair and how Strut Hair Solutions plays a pivotal role in making every day a great hair day.
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Give The Gift of Hair This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for giving, sharing joy, and expressing…
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Strut Hair Solutions Holiday Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones who are passionate about hair care and self-confidence? We have curated a selection of our FAVORITE non-toxic, plant stem cell brand Unveil Restorative Hair Care products, along with a Strut Hair Solutions gift card, to create a memorable gift guide that pampers and empowers you, your family, and friends. Here's our exclusive gift guide for those who appreciate the feeling of healthy, fabulous hair!
Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Shedding Light on the Impact of Hair Health

As many of us have come to know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.You may be thinking ‘who still hasn’t heard about breast cancer?’ Well while most of us have heard of or know someone that has been affected by this horrible disease yet there are still many facts that a lot of people don’t know of such as; breast cancer is the most common cancer among women globally, with approximately 2.3 million new cases diagnosed each year according to the World Cancer Research Fund. While the focus during this month is primarily on early detection and treatment, it's also essential to shed light on the often-overlooked aspect of breast cancer: its impact on hair health.
Cover photo for blog called 'Rock Your Wig This Fall: Strut Hair Solutions' Essential Guide'.

Rock Your Wig This Fall: Strut Hair Solutions’ Essential Guide

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, fall is the perfect season to embrace new styles, looks, and at the same time get ready for the holidays. . If you're a wig wearer, you have the advantage of effortlessly transitioning into a variety of fabulous hairstyles. This fall, Strut Hair Solutions is here to help you elevate your wig game and rock your hair with confidence.
Strut Hair Solutions wins best of north county San Diego.

Strut Hair Solutions wins Best of North County San Diego!

Strut Hair Solutions has recently been recognized for its outstanding contributions to the hair industry. We are proud to announce that we have won not just one, but two prestigious awards: Best Specialty Retailer and Best Salon in North County San Diego. This remarkable achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional hair solutions and delivering an unparalleled salon like experience.
Before and After Photo of Women that has alopecia

What is alopecia? Here’s what you can do to help!

What is Alopecia? Alopecia refers to a medical condition characterized by hair loss, typically on the scalp but can also affect other areas of the body. It is a relatively common condition that can affect both men and women of any age. The severity and pattern of hair loss can vary widely, ranging from small patches to complete loss of hair on the scalp or body.
Photo for blog ' Hair Loss and Hair Thinning during Pregnancy'.

Hair Loss and Hair Thinning during Pregnancy

I often hear clients in the studio talking about how thick their…