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Hair Volumizers

Hair volumizers, also known as “top extensions,” are amazing solutions that temporarily add volume, body, and texture to thin hair. Our volumizers at STRUT Hair Solutions are great for customers with finer hair textures who are looking for bounce and volume. Hair volumizers can be added at the top of the crown for volume, or under the bottom of the hair for length. 

Our volumizers come in many colors. Some of them even come with highlights or low-lights in order to seamlessly blend into your hair. They simply clip in the hair; thus, we call them “ready-to-wear” styles! Only a little bit of customization is generally needed for the perfect blend, which we include when you invest with us.

Volumizers work great for all lengths of hair. Plus, volumizers come in human hair or synthetic hair, depending on your needs.

Three-quarter wigs are also used as maximum-coverage volume pieces. They add height to the crown and base of the hair.

Hair Enhancers

Hair loss is a cause of concern for everyone. Some diseases, such as Alopecia Areata, can lead to bald patches. In a world where looks are of utmost importance, such a medical condition can be embarrassing for any woman. This is where hair enhancers come to the rescue. Enhancers will help to cover up the bald/thinning areas without making you feel like you are wearing a wig.

The enhancer is generally used to cover the area from the front of the hairline to the crown of the head. They are designed in such a way that they blend completely with the natural hair of the user.

Since they cover only a part of the head, they are lighter and easier to wear than a wig. Like wigs, they are made of both natural hair and synthetic hair fibers. They can be attached with pressure clips, or with adhesive.

Reasons for Using Hair Enhancers

Hair enhancers are used for a variety of reasons. Covering a thinning area is just one of them. These accessories are also a great way to style your hair for a night out on town.

Hair Loss

One of the main reasons women choose to wear hair enhancers is to hide thinning hair. Female pattern baldness is a condition where the hairline starts receding. Since it is just the hairline that is affected, the use of a wig can seem cumbersome. Hair enhancers, on the other hand, are designed for exactly this kind of a situation, since they cover the top of the head.

Thinning Hair & Bald Spots

As mentioned earlier, Alopecia Areata is a disease that leads to bald spots on the head. Whether the bald spot is small or large, there is hair left on the scalp. In this case, an enhancer is an easy way to cover the area.

Of course, as the thinning increases, wigs become a better option.

Hair Volumizers
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Benefits of Hair Enhancement

Hair enhancement has various benefits– the biggest of which is confidence. Hair plays an important role in how we feel about ourselves. More often than not, hair defines who we are. The biggest example of this phenomenon that we can think of is Lady Gaga. Her hair styles over the past few years have literally defined who she is.

Of course, her rapid change in looks has been thanks to extensions, enhancers and wigs.

Types of Hair Enhancers

There are several types of hair enhancers, depending on the reason for which they are being used. We have classified them on the basis of the reason for using them below:

Hair Toppers (Top Extensions)

Hair enhancers are commonly referred to as “toppers” or “top extensions.” This type is usually used to cover bald or thinning areas. Toppers are attached with pressure clips or adhesives.

Add-on Fringes

A fringe type of hair enhancement can completely change the way you look! They generally conceal a receding hairline. Hair enhancers can also be styled to look like fringe/bangs, which can be attached to the front hairline. This way, you get a whole new look without cutting your hair. 

Integration Hair Pieces

​Toppers called “integration pieces” have holes around their edges. These are there so that you can pull your own hair through them in order to hold the topper in place. This makes the hair topper blend in with the surrounding hair. Attaching this way can require a maintenance service.​

For more information about recommended hair volumizers, how they can be used with our products, schedule your consultation today.