Best Wigs for Hair Loss

best wigs for hair loss

There are a variety of reasons why people lose their hair. For many individuals, it may be a natural part of the aging process. While others may experience hair loss and thinning due to medical reasons. For instance, some individuals who wear wigs may have alopecia, an autoimmune condition that attacks the hair follicles. Other people who wear wigs include those who are undergoing chemotherapy, as well as those who face trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder.

Regardless of the cause, losing one’s hair can be an emotional process. Clients over the years have expressed losing their hair as losing a sense of themselves, which are distressing feelings and thoughts no one should have to experience. Fortunately, our clients who wear wigs have been able to cope with these thoughts through finding the best solution for them, aiding in their rediscovery of self-love and confidence

Consider the Type of Hair Loss

It is essential to determine your type of hair loss you’re experiencing before purchasing a wig as this can determine the type of wig you invest in. There is an assortment of hair loss types, including:

  • Gradual hair thinning: Genetic  (most common; tends to occur with age)
  • Bald spots or patches Sudden hair loss
  • Complete hair loss

Your hair loss classification heavily influences the type of wig you should get. For instance, if an individual’s hair loss is mild or moderately significant, it may be more appropriate to wear hair toppers or extensions. However, for sudden or severe hair loss, wigs are the best option.

Best Wigs for Mild Hair Loss

Individuals with relatively mild hair loss may choose not to wear a full wig as there are other options in this case. Previous experiences with wigs may be disheartening, and hair toppers and extensions can be a trustworthy substitute. For people with spotting or patches, hair toppers are lightweight and may provide the needed coverage.

Two of Strut Hair Solution’s best hair toppers are Rachel Welch’s Indulgence and Jon Renau’s Top Form. Both options are human hair, hand-tied tops, and light on the head to blend in seamlessly and ensure a natural look. 

The Indulgence Topper by Raquel Welch

Effortlessly elegant, this top-of-head piece provides fuller volume on top. Softly tapered layers instantly adds extra length, fullness, and coverage where needed. And can be seamlessly blended with your own hair. Delicious? No, irresistible! Indulgence is part of the Couture Collection… Who says dreams can’t come true?

Top Smart Hair Topper by Jon Renau

Top Form by Jon Renau is a long Remy human hair top piece with a double monofilament base. Designed to add gorgeous volume and coverage at the crown, this 100% Remy human hair top piece integrates with your own hair for a supremely natural look. It can even be styled with heat tools! Treat this hair like your own. You’ll be strutting again in no time. 

Best Wigs for Significant Hair Loss

For people experiencing rapid, sudden, or complete hair loss and thinning, choosing a wig can be a tedious process on your own, but at Strut Hair Solutions we have a system to make this process much easier. Unlike hair toppers, wigs provide complete coverage and a natural appearance. Ready to wear hair, you’ll have the hair you’ve always wanted but couldn’t get. 

Below are three of Strut Hair Solutions’ best-selling wigs, which provide full head coverage and achieve the authentic looks people with hair loss desire.

Rachel by Jon Renau

Jon Renau is famous in the wig industry. One of our favorite options from them, Rachel, is hand-tied, making the hair move easily and look normal. Additionally, this synthetic wig has a lace front, which creates a more natural hairline appearance. The lace establishes a comfortable fit and is pre-styled.

Bravo by Raquel Welch

Though it is more expensive, Bravo by Raquel Welch is one of the best wigs for hair loss. Unlike Jon Renau’s Rachel synthetic wig, the Bravo product is Remy. Wigs made of human hair tend to be more expensive, but they give several people the satisfaction and confidence they need to go about their daily lives. Similar to the Rachel wig, the Bravo also has a lace front and is hand-tied, making it a beautiful and exquisite product.

Beach Mono by Ellen Wille

Ellen Wille’s Beach Mono wig is simplistic, yet magnificent. This mid-length hairpiece possesses a lace front and is full of synthetic hair. This wig is perfect for individuals who prefer not to style their hair, as it comes pre-styled and does not require any adjustments.

Finding the Best Wig for You

The best wig will vary depending on the individual budgets, needs, and desired outcome.d. At Strut Hair Solutions, we gladly provide 50-minute consultations to assist our clients in finding the best solution for them. We understand that hair loss is a personal matter, so we offer a warm, enjoyable, and safe environment. We specialize in customizing your wig to your face shape and will trim & style your selection at the time of purchase with no additional charge. Contact Strut Hair Solutions today to begin your wig journey and recover with confidence.