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Rene of Paris Launches New Spring 2018 Wig Collection

Rene of Paris Launches New Spring 2018 Wig Collection

Hello Strut Tribe…We have exciting news for you! Rene of Paris just launched the new spring wig collection and we have to say this is one of the best collections we’ve see from them with in a while. We received our stock and the same day we put the wigs out in the Solana Beach location we sold out and had to reorder, that’s a new first! We’ve got a new saying in the studio “wig envy” and when you strut in one of these sexy styles you’ll get so many compliments on your hair. 

Let us tell you a bit about these new wigs, there are 3 new synthetic wigs. One sleek short bob Kai, medium length with soft face framing layers Dakota and finally a long sexy beach wave wig Raylee.

All 3 wigs are lace front with lace part construction, offering the most natural looking hair line.  Another bonus 2 new amazing colors: Melted Marshmallow & Melted Sunset. (If you want to know more about lace front and cap construction check out our  https://struthairsolutions.com/wigs/wig-gallery/  which will give you more information)

So, I (Helena) was chatting with Kayla our store manager in Solana Beach last week about her shoes, some how I mentioned the amount of shoes she had, it was so great, she turned and looked at me and said I don’t invest in shoes, I have WIGS! That was the best! HAHA.  Let’s add to your collection, as you know there is nothing like fresh hair! Come see us and try these fabulous styles on, you’ll be glad you did.

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An Insider’s Guide to Wig Care & Styling

You have a lot of options when it comes to wig care & styling…

What’s the difference between Remy Hair and Non Remy Hair?

Remy Hair versus Non-Remy Hair

What’s the difference between REMY  HAIR and NON REMY HAIR with Wigs & Hair Extensions



Do you truly know what remy hair really means?
The term “remy” is often translated into a different meaning then what it really stands for. Remy hair is often used in marketing and selling purposes that generally misleads the client into thinking they are getting the best grade of hair.

The definition of Remy is hair collected and sorted from various sources with the root and tip traveling in the same direction to ensure the cuticle does not tangle or matte.

The cuticles are not stripped and remain aligned in one direction.

Remy hair is more expensive and looks more natural due to the tedious process that the hair goes through to get into remy form. It  has a smoother, shinier, and healthier appearance than NON-REMY hair.


Do you wonder why non-remy hair is so much more inexpensive then remy hair?

Non remy hair is hair that does not have it’s roots aligned (Roots and tips not traveling in the same direction). In order to prevent hair from tangling , this hair must be processed to remove a portion of the cuticle.

Since the cuticle runs in both directions it requires a higher concentration of acid. Eventually resulting in hair with very low moisture, leading to dry straw-like hair.

So what side are you on? REMY or NON REMY HAIR
visit one of our locations in Fresno and San Diego today and ask our hair addition experts about the REMY hair extensions hair we carry! www.struthairsolutions.com

Khloe Kardashian on E! News talk about hair extension collection

Last night I had a few minutes and was flipping through TV channels, I stopped on E! to catch up on some pop culture. Only 15 minutes into the program Khloe Kardashian came on and showed her hair extension collection!  http://www.eonline.com/news/766644/why-khloe-kardashian-travels-with-boxes-of-hair

It was great how she had all of her hair organized in plastic bags and then she color coated them. She showed the box with her current hair, ombre hair, etc.

The best way to store extensions is in a plastic box or the plastic bags. This way the dust and elements stay off them. I would recommend cleaning the hair and brushing out any knots before you store them. The plastic bags are also a great way to travel with your hair when you aren’t wearing it.

The other great thing in the story was how much hair she has.  Different lengths and colors, hair to suit any look or mood she is in. One of the beauty’s of hair extensions is that you can lighten or darken your hair by adding hair extensions in the color you desire there for not damaging your own hair. I have a lot of clients who purchase our highlight pack just to add some fullness and light pieces around the face. They last 6-12 weeks in the hair before needing service.

Hair extensions also help hold your hair style in place. I have been wearing hair extensions now for about 8 years and for me personally my hair is in better shape, my style holds a few days, they give me insane volume which I am now addicted too.  I cannot imagine ever not wearing some amount of hair extensions.

Please call for a free consultation to see if hair extensions would be right for you. Our hair addition experts are more than happy to answer your questions. www.struthairsolutions.com




What are the best hair extensions for fine hair? Taped-In Hair Extensions

What are the best hair extensions for fine hair? I get asked this question on a daily basis.

There are a lot of differing options on this, but in my opinion seamless or tape-in hair extensions are the least damaging to fine hair. This is because the weight of your hair is equally distributed across the weft of hair we are adding. Unlike stand by strand where there is constant stress on one small area and if you get cross hair they can break off.

These wefts are so thin, they are easier to cover with your own hair. Also this method covers a larger by weft, than a strand of hair so less attachment areas which is better and more hair coverage.

Taped-In hair extensions look so natural, they blend beautifully with your natural hair. We can cut and customize the size of the weft to suit the look you are trying to achieve, more volume or length.  We use Indian Remy hair that doesn’t tangle, holds the style really well and the tape-in wefts can be used  up to 3 times depending on at home care which is a great value.

Another thing I love about tape-in hair extensions is a full head of hair can be done in less than an hour, no down time so you’re back to the things that matter.

The consultation is very important and we will go over at home care to keep your hair in the best shape and your taped-in hair extensions looking amazing.

This hair extension method usually lasts 6-8 weeks depending on your lifestyle. I have had numerous clients use this method a few years and over time their hair became stronger and longer, that eventually they didn’t need the hair extensions anymore.

Call us today for a free consultation and see if taped-in hair extensions would be the right choice for you.   Your hair never looked so good as with a little extra help from hair extensions. www.struthairsolutions.com