Jon Renau is one of the most globally established wig brands out there. Since 1984, they have been rocking the wig and alternative hair game. What makes the wig company different, though? Let’s explore Jon Renau’s origins, and delve into what separates Jon Renau Wigs from its competitors.

About Jon Renau

John and Stella Reynolds established Jon Renau in 1984. Now, the wig company is considered the “world’s leading manufacturer of wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions.” Jon Renau originally began selling alternative hair pieces in South Africa before 1984, however. Then, the business moved to Vista, California, where Jon Renau has been headquartered to this day.

Jon Renau’s mission is “to deliver the most natural fiber options, fashion-forward styles, most comfortable cap designs and innovative hair solutions to the end wearer.” This vision has remained unchanged throughout the wig business’s successful life span. Jon Renau is now partnered with more than 2,000 local boutiques, oncology centers, medical facilities, retailers, and e-commerce websites.

Jon Renau Wigs: What Makes Them Different

One aspect that differentiates Jon Renau wigs from competitors is the huge color selection. There are currently 1,500+ differing wig styles, hair extensions, hair additions, hairpieces, headwear pieces, and hair-care products. Jon Renau also has hundreds of options available in its exclusive SmartLace, SmartLace Human Hair, Heat Defiant, and topper collections product lines.

What is SmartLace? Essentially, it involves lace front wigs with each hair hand-tied to the lace, which depicts a fully natural-growing hairline. It ensures a secure fit that conforms to your head-shape. Jon Renau emphasizes customization and personalization in its wigs.

Jon Renau’s Heat Defiant technology has revolutionized the wig industry. Heat Defiant wigs are able to be flat ironed, crimped and curled—similar to human hair! Jon Renau wigs that are heat resistant are crafted from synthetic fibers that are manipulated by heating tools, allowing you to recreate your look every day in the same way as real human hair.

Hair toppers are a specialty of Jon Renau. They instantly add volume and body to fine, thin hair. No matter which stage you are in hair loss, Jon Renau offers different topper options to transform your appearance. These are definitely the optimal alternative to a full wig.

Affordability is also important to Jon Renau. Relative to other wig and alternative hair piece companies, Jon Renau is on the less expensive side of the spectrum. This means that if you choose to invest in Jon Renau wigs, you can purchase more for an equal or lower price compared to other brands. Who doesn’t love to have a larger selection of wigs to choose from every day?

The massive amount of colors for each wig is a prominent benefit of choosing the Jon Renau wig brand. For example, check out this extensive color palette for Jon Renau’s “Kristen Synthetic Lace Front Wig.”

jon renau wigs

Where to Buy Jon Renau Wigs

Strut Hair Solutions offers a wide variety of wigs including countless Jon Renau pieces. Featuring wigs, toppers, bangs, hairpieces, and clip-ons, the assortment is seemingly endless. It is in your hair’s best interest to seek the guidance of a trained hair and wig professional in order to to find the best fit for your appearance, lifestyle, and budget. For additional information on any wig or hair piece brand, contact us