Tips for Everyday Wig Wearing

Wearing wigs provides many women the confidence they need to go about their daily lives. There is no shame to wearing a wig; people across the globe wear them every day. Some may wear it to emphasize the style they want to achieve, and some may wear it because they may experience hair loss. Regardless, wigs are essential to the lives of people with all types of backgrounds. Wigs have the power to help people find self-love or simply get through the day. Such empowerment requires routine upkeep and various styling techniques. Whether you have a wig that has synthetic or human hair or wigs of varying lengths, you can take action to ensure its maintenance and style is preserved. Let’s go over some simple yet crucial tips for everyday wig wearing.

Adjust to Your Size

Just like a pair of new sneakers, wigs take a few days to break in. After purchasing a new wig, allot 3-4 days of consistent use for it to conform to your head shape. Each head shape is unique, and it takes some time for the wig to form to your head.

Waiting for the wig to fit isn’t the only way to adjust the size of the wig to your head. Reduce your discomfort with the straps inside your wig. Most hair wigs come in a standard size and most heads may be a bit larger or smaller than the average. If you are personally experiencing some difficulty with your wig, adjust the straps and then go from there. If you are unsure how to adjust your straps, you can contact your nearest hair stylists and get the appropriate advice you need.

If the wig is too tight on your head, you can stretch your wig by carefully spraying some water on it to expand its size. If that doesn’t work, however, it is not the end of your wig journey. Look into wig customization services to get the best wig for you, based off your style preferences, head shape and size, and hairline measurements.

Try Different Styles

The beautiful aspect about wigs is that you don’t have to select a finite style. Each day and outfit are open to a realm of possibilities with multiple wigs of varying colors, styles, and textures. Wearing your wig straight and sleek looks good with any outfit, but you can spice things up with a curly or wavy look for special occasions. Prior to putting on your wig, remember to style it beforehand on a blockhead. This allows you to achieve the look you want before it’s too late to change it.

Of course, part of the fun of having wigs is having access to different hair styles and textures, but you should consider which texture fits to your authentic self and brings about the most confidence. Remember that wigs can be altered to what you desire. A hairdresser may cut your wig to have bangs or be shorter to fit your stylistic preferences.

In addition, the hair color on your wig should match your skin tone. The goal of wearing wigs is to appear natural and effortlessly beautiful. With paler skin complexions, dark hair colors may wash out your skin. Too light of hair may not benefit your skin coloring too. If you are unsure of what wig to buy, consult your hair stylist to see what shades compliment your skin tone.

Keep Your Hair Tucked

When wearing wigs, it is essential to know the tips and tricks to give you a natural, effortless look. Before putting on your wig, you must tuck in your hair to fit the wig. These tools you use to tuck hair may vary from person to person; here are a few we recommend:

  • Pins
  • Gel
  • Braids
  • Pinning curls up
  • Fishnet wig caps
  • Wigs with interior combs
  • Wig bands and grippers

Regardless of your hair tucking process, do what looks most natural and feels most secure for you. The last thing you want is for your natural hair to slip and offset the beauty of your wig.

Accessorize and Protect your Wig

Accessories are a wig’s best friend. Not only do they allow you to look chic, but they protect and upkeep your wig’s durability.

Scarves, hats, clips, and other hair accessories provide an exquisite touch to your look. When wearing such adornments, secure your wig first. Attach your accessory with bobby pins or clips, depending on if you need the extra support.

Hats and scarves may also bring about health benefits and longevity to your wigs. Hats increase sun protection, helping your skin get UV protection and reducing the speed of your wig’s color fading from repeated sun exposure. Also, if you are a person who enjoys cooking and baking, a hat may prevent oven and stove heat from melting synthetic hair.

No matter what you wear with a wig, the simplest thing you can do to protect it is to clean it regularly. Even if your wig has synthetic hair, it is just as important to clean as natural hair and helps the wig last longer.

Get the Wig You Desire Today

Searching for a wig for daily use can be difficult. Finding the styles that give you the confidence you deserve may be even harder, but it is a worthwhile process. At Strut Hair Solutions, we offer 30-minute individual consultations to help in your wig styling journey. Schedule your appointment today!