2022: Our 20-Year Anniversary!

Wow…we’re already halfway through 2022, and it’s been an exciting year so far.


For us, it’s been so exciting because we’re celebrating 20 years of Strut Hair Solutions!


Yep, March 2022 marked the official month of 20 years in business, and we are going to celebrate all year.


Clients often ask how I started Strut, and why. Well, here’s a glimpse into the inspiration that became what Strut is today.


This whole journey started with my mom, Kim.


She always had fine, thin hair. While I was growing up, I saw her struggling with her hair and trying every possible fad out there to make it thicker. Like getting perms, or highlights…whatever a stylist said would make her hair look thicker and longer.


Then, when she was in her early 30s, she started getting hair extensions. That gave her some volume and length, but it didn’t solve the thinning on the top of her head.


Finally, a stylist put her in a wig and sewed it onto her head. (Well, technically to braids on her scalp.) During this time, I witnessed my mom’s confidence go up because she felt better about herself, thanks to her new hair.


This inspired me as I thought about it. If my mom was struggling with thinning hair for no known medical condition, then other women would be, too.


I went with her to other local wig shops and salons, and they really didn’t understand the importance this hair made to her and how she felt about herself.


That’s when I thought: I see this, and can help my mom along with all these other women experiencing the same thing.


Which is just what I did! In March 2002, I started on a kiosk in the mall selling hair pieces. From there, we started in our first brick and mortar store in Fresno, California (as City Wigs & Boutique!) and branched off to San Diego in 2011. That’s the very short version of how this all started. 🙂


I’m so pumped and excited for this 20-year anniversary! I feel like I’ve just been getting warmed up in the first 20! Lol.


Thank you for being on this journey with us! I look forward to seeing you in one of our 2 locations.


I’ll also have some exciting news to announce in about 6 weeks!!! Stay tuned via our social media to be the first to find out!


This news will kick off our next 20 years so stay tuned for that. This will change your hair forever!


To the next 20 years with you all. Thank you for everything.