Wigs 101: Studio Etiquette

Wig Store Etiquette

How are you treating the staff when you come into a wig store?


Losing your hair can be a frightening and confusing experience, so it’s understandable that you will have many questions along the way. We almost never learn about hair loss until we experience it ourselves, or when someone we know loses their hair. Only then do we start to know it all too well.

When you ask for our advice at STRUT—or any other salon or wig studio, for that matter—that insight comes from years of experience. What we often say is: “You don’t want to ask me anything you don’t want to know!”

Some of the answers may disappoint you, while others may inspire you. During this time of transition, it’s important to stay as calm as possible so that you can make informed decisions for your personal needs. No matter what type of hair replacement you choose, you want to learn as much as you can so that you can get the most out of it. Are wigs out of the question for you? What about hair toppers? Do you not have enough hair on the top of your head for a topper? Too much hair on top? Maybe try extensions. The choices can seem endless.

In the end, we are people too; we have feelings, hearts, families, and a life of our own. We all have our own particular bandwidths. And while we—as well as any staff member of any business—aren’t perfect, we do our best to meet YOUR specific needs.

When two people work together to find a solution, it’s a two-way street. Keeping that in mind can be a huge help on your journey, for both sides: for you and whoever helps you find the best hair piece for you.

While a wig store is, of course, a place to buy alternative hair, it’s also a place of mutual respect.

Now, no matter how inexperienced a client may be with wigs, it does not give the studio the right to be impatient, or to not give the client their absolute best solution possible.

On the other hand, it’s just as unacceptable to take out one’s frustration on their hair loss expert. After all, they are doing their best to help you.

While it is completely understandable that you’re experiencing a time of great stress due to hair loss, it does not give you the right to treat the very staff which is trying to help you, poorly.

Nor is it fair to take many hours of your expert’s time to make your decision, then think it’s acceptable to simply change your mind continuously without paying for the extra time spent on your behalf. It’s also not okay to assume that you’ve approved your styling, completed your order, and then change your mind the next day thinking it’s acceptable for the studio to take this loss. They won’t, nor should they.

One way of avoiding any mistakes and something we suggest to our clients is to bring a good friend to your styling session as a second (and hopefully unbiased) opinion. Plus, someone who has known you can give you an honest perspective. Be sure and have a few photos with you to make sure you and the stylist/expert are on the same page, too. It’s always helpful to see some inspiration. The ultimate mission here is a peaceful transition into your new alternative hair.

It also helps to understand that a wig, a hairpiece, or set of extensions is a foreign object on your head, and it can never fully nor perfectly mimic your natural hair. Lots of our clients may need to get comfortable with wearing hair.

How long it takes to adjust and how difficult it becomes is, quite truthfully, up to you.

That doesn’t mean it has to be heavy or uncomfortable, or that it has to be an unpleasant experience at all. Wigs and wig technology have developed exponentially over the last several decades. A wig can be lightweight, breathable, and something that can empower you by wearing it.

When you’re searching for a wig, it’s important for you not to forget that whoever is helping you on this journey is doing their best to make you look and feel like yourself again. After all, that’s the goal, isn’t it?

There’s a process when it comes to success on this wig journey.

1. Grief. You have the absolute right to grieve the loss of your hair, regardless of the medical condition. It is a wholly personal journey, and you should deal with it in whichever way helps YOU feel your best.

2. Acceptance. Acceptance of your hair loss. This isn’t an easy journey, and it’s not quick either. Everyone has their own timetable for this. But, accepting this reality will open your heart, allowing you the possibility to accept and eventually enjoy whatever alternative hair you choose.

3. Change. Changing your perspective from, “Oh, I HAVE to wear a wig” (which consciously—and probably unconsciously—creates resistance), to “Wow, I can choose to wear one beautiful hairdo today, and wear a completely different color and length tomorrow!” Those small mental changes can make a huge difference in your mental health and experience on this journey.

After all, regardless of the medical condition which causes your hair loss, the ability to choose and wear a wig (or multiple wigs!) is something over which you have true and legitimate control. The experience can empower you, if you’re open to it.

Go easy on yourself and whoever is helping you on this journey. Have patience that this will turn out well, and you will look and feel like yourself again. You deserve to feel confident and empowered when you wear your hair, and nothing should stop you from doing just that!

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