Misconceptions About Wigs

8 Wig Misconceptions About Wigs and Hair Pieces

Using a wig or hair piece is a great way to get a natural-looking solution to hair loss. They also come in different styles, colors and lengths. This allows you to try out tons of different new hair styles before making an investment in a high quality wig or making permanent changes to your natural hair. Wigs can get a bad rap because they are considered too expensive, fake looking, or uncomfortable. But a lot of the rumors about wigs aren’t true… at least for professionally designed and styled wigs. Here’s 8 Wig Misconceptions about wigs and hair pieces.

1. Wigs Are Uncomfortable and Hot

One of the big wig misconceptions is that they are itchy because they do not breath, and they are heavy on the head. Nowadays, wigs are made so differently then previously. The material used is highly breathable, This makes them much cooler and easier to wear for a whole day.

Monofilament materials are used to make the high quality wigs and hairpieces. These materials not only have a very natural look to them, but they are also designed for comfort. With monofilament wigs, hair is individually stitched into the elastic-type material. It is constructed into thin strips so it stays very cool and comfortable. If there is sensitivity on your scalp, then perhaps wearing a wig cap under the wig might be useful. Always consider the quality of the wig. Of course the higher quality, then the more comfortable it should be.

2. Will My Wig or Hair Piece Fall Off?

One fear that many people who wear wigs have is the fear they will fall off, or become lop-sided. There are several different accessories that you can buy to make sure these things do not happen. Wig clips and wig tapes can help achieve this security. Of course, it is always helpful to ask an expert about what might be the best thing to use.

3. A Wig Will Damage My Natural Hair

Wearing a wig and covering your natural hair will not hinder it from growing. Whether you have long or short hair, a properly applied wig will not damage your natural hair.

There are times when people might wear a wig due to medical treatments that cause them to lose their hair. Chemotherapy is one of those treatments that can do this. Many women wear wigs or head scarfs while their going through this, and during the time the hair is growing out. Some people believe that this will inhibit the growth of the hair. This is a myth. Therefore it is perfectly safe for future hair growth to wear a wig or hair piece during this time to not only protect the scalp from the elements, but also, enable you to recover with confidence!

4. Wigs Look Fake

Past wigs and hairpieces have always had a fake look about them. It is normal for people to fear that nowadays they also look fake. They have been conditioned through past experience to feel that way. Now they are made so much better then previously, that wearers can wear them with confidence and feel they are flattering, rather then a dead giveaway as to what they actually are.

Remy hair is designed with the natural alignment with hair cuticles on the scalp and are the most realistic of all wigs.

Wigs with a Lace Front give a very natural looking hairline. Also, those made with a monofilament top allow for the parting of the hair to look like the natural scalp due to the way they are constructed.

5. A Wig is Difficult to Care For

Many people feel that wigs are hard to take care of, this is one of the big Wig Misconceptions. They are just as easy, and possibly easier, then looking after your own hair. Different products and processes are needed then with real hair, but it is easy and wigs and hair pieces should contain appropriate instructions on how to care for them when you buy the product. If they do not, just make sure to ask. Remember, you can always take your wig to us for professional wig refurbishing services.

6. Wigs are Hard to Put On

With the correct fitting, wigs can be quite easy to put on. Thus, this becomes one of the Wig Misconceptions. Many people have concerns that they are difficult to put on the head correctly. After they have been worn once, then there may be a need for some adjustments. However, after this has been done, they should easily slip on with little trouble.

7. Wigs Aren’t Versatile and Can’t Be styled

The idea that wigs are not versatile is completely false. They come in numerous styles, so it is easy to find what you are looking for. Also, they can be styled in any way you want, especially those made with human hair or synthetic materials that allow heat, such as a curling iron or heated curlers. As noted before, when they are made of monofilament caps, then the part can be changed, and with the lace front, the hairline is natural enough that the hair can be pulled back to create a different style.

8. Human Hair Wigs Are Better Than Synthetic Wigs

Many people also feel that human hair wigs are better than synthetic wigs. With the new technology, this is no longer the case, and is another one of the Wig Misconceptions. The new materials used can be styled effectively, and many times they are pre-styled, and may require less effort then styling the human hair wigs.

Wigs and hair pieces can be a great accessory for your daily fashion needs. They can save you time in a pinch, and can also give you the opportunity of having a new look that is not permanent. Many concerns that people have about them are unfounded and no longer need to be a concern with the new technologies found in wig manufacturing.

So if you decide to get a wig or a hair piece, be careful about where you go. Go where the experts are. Strut Hair Solutions is just such a place. They offer walk-in services if a stylist is available to assist. They also offer solutions for those with hair that is thinning or damaged. For those needing a little more privacy, they accept private appointments and offer private fitting rooms. As far as cost, they offer solutions that can work with any budget. For people with medical issues, they are also a good choice since they specialize in chemotherapy, alopecia and trichotillomania solutions. Trust them with all your wig and hair piece needs and walk away feeling good about your experience.