Jon Reneau Topper

How to Rock a Jon Renau Topper

Jon Renau is known for making gorgeous hair toppers that can completely transform the appearance of your hair. Whether you’re starting to experience hair loss or are just looking for a way to add extra volume, you can totally rock a Jon Renau topper as part of your style.

Why Women Wear Toppers

A topper is a type of hair enhancer that adds volume and body to the top of your head. Toppers are usually used to cover thinning patches of hair, but anyone can wear them to change their hairstyle for a day.

Hair toppers have significant advantages over other hair enhancement methods. They’re simple and easy to use, and they blend in seamlessly with your natural hairstyle.

  • Light and breathable – Since toppers only cover a portion of your head, they’re significantly more comfortable than traditional wigs.

  • Can be worn in a ponytail or updo – Many wigs can’t be styled in a full updo without exposing the net underneath. Toppers are designed to avoid this problem, so you can style away.

  • Works with your natural hair – Toppers add volume to your hair, but they don’t completely cover the beautiful tresses underneath.

How Toppers Work

Toppers clip onto your natural hair. The number of clips depends on the size of the topper, but you can usually expect four to six well-placed clips.

A topper is much easier to put on than a wig. You don’t need to use glue, but some women prefer to use a small dot to keep large toppers in place throughout the day.

Toppers don’t cover all of your natural hair; this leaves many different style options open to you. You can brush your natural hair over the topper’s hairline or combine your tresses in a beautiful updo. Once it’s clipped on, the topper looks and acts just like real hair.

Toppers aren’t wigs, but they do need a similar amount of maintenance. You’ll need to wash your new hair at least once a week with the correct products to maintain its texture and shine. The toppers Jon Renau makes are made from Remy human hair, so they look and feel exactly like the real thing.

Which Topper is Right for You?

The first thing you should consider is the size of topper that you need. We carry hair toppers as small as two by four inches and as large as eight by nine inches. Jon Renau toppers are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles; you can choose a topper that just covers your hairline, or you can find a larger topper that gives extreme body to your hair. Come by our salon for a consultation, and we’ll recommend the right topper size to get you started.

If you’re only experiencing mild thinning, consider Reneau’s easiPart topper line. These smaller toppers are easy to apply and style; anyone can wear them for an instant volume boost.

When you’re looking for more coverage and extra hair to style, check out the Top Form line. You can find these toppers in various lengths to suit your preferred hairstyle.

Once you’ve picked a topper model that you like, it’s time to select the right length, style, and color for your new hair enhancer. You can choose something that perfectly matches your natural hair, or you can try something completely new. Some women own multiple toppers so that they can change their hairstyle on a daily basis.

Get Your Topper Styled

After your Jon Renau topper arrives, bring it into Strut Hair Solutions for a styling session. We’ll help you learn to style your topper, and we might even make a few changes to help it blend in perfectly with your natural hair.

New hair enhancers may need a little work to blend in with your existing style. We can dye the topper to match your hair color, add layers for extra volume, or even just trim off an inch to make sure everything is the same length.

We’ll also teach you how to take care of your new hair. Artificial hair and Remy hair both need to be cleaned regularly. We’ll show you how to style your hair without damaging it, and we might even recommend a few updos that look amazing on you.

If your topper stars to wear out, bring it in so we can take a look; you’ll be surprised at how easily we can breathe life into a topper that you thought was done for.

How to Blend a Topper with Your Natural Hairline

Everyone styles their hair differently, but there are a few tricks you can use to help your topper and your hair blend in seamlessly.

  1. Start by styling your natural hair. Once the topper is on, you’ll be working with your hair as a whole

  2. Next, decide if you want to use hairline concealer. This product can darken your hairline and help create a blended visual effect.

  3. You may want to pre-style your topper on a canvas block head before you put it on. This is especially helpful for curling or straightening the back of your hair.

  4. Clip the topper onto your natural hair. Be gentle, as you don’t want to apply too much tension to the strands that it’s clipped onto.

  5. Using a brush or a comb, blend your topper in with the rest of your hair. You can style with a flat iron, use hairspray, and otherwise treat the topper like it’s a normal part of your hairdo.

Watch this styling guide by John Reneau to see how they get the looks in their catalog. You might also enjoy this short video tutorial by Kim Dubs on how to blend the topper with your natural hairline.

Stepping Out in Style

You might feel nervous about wearing your topper out in public for the first time. Don’t be! You look beautiful and amazing, and the rest of the world is going to notice. You might hear compliments about how great your hair looks, or you’ll just notice a few more smiles than normal. Enjoy the attention; you deserve it.

At Strut Hair Solutions, we know how hard it can be if you start to experience hair loss, no matter how mild. Everyone deserves to look as amazing on the outside as they are on the inside. Reach out to us for a free consultation, and we’ll help find the best option for you and your hair.