wig care products


Taking care of your hair investment can easily be built into a routine. Whether wearing a hair piece/wig often or storing it away, using the proper hair care products is a must. Every type of hair (synthetic or human) has specific care instructions and use.   

Wig Care Products

Wig Care Products

Hair care products for wigs include shampoo, conditioners, various styling liquids or mousses, combs or styling COMBS. To maintain the best condition of the hair, it is best to wash using products that match the type of hair fiber.  Using standard hair products may damage the wig and shorten the lifespan. The chemicals in standard products do not mesh can be too harsh and drying. Shampoos for the hair on your head are formulated to remove the oil build up from your hair to leave a clean and fresh feel. Wigs on the other hand are not attached to the scalp, therefore they do not build up that natural oil that shampoos are looking to remove. A wig might last a little longer before a wash is needed if a cap is worn on the head so that the oils from hairs do not seep through to the wig.   

There are several natural options for wigs available on the market that are oil free and add a coat of shine without damaging the hair. Tons of great sprays that will minimize frizzing and leave a shiny healthy look to the wig.  If you prefer to have your wig professionally serviced, you can always send your wig to a Strut store! Our wig services include washing, and styling for both wigs and extensions, contact us to see how we can help you care for your wig.

How to Wash a Wig

For proper wig care review these seven steps:

1: Detangle the wig using a wide tooth comb. Brush through gently but do not pull.

2: Prepare a bowl of cold water and mix a capful of shampoo in. Use shampoo strictly for wigs to avoid dying or damaging the wig.

3. Soak the wig for 3-5 minutes. Do not wash the hair by scrubbing the hair together. Simply let the wig sit in the soapy water for the time recommended and if needed you may move it from one side to the other gently.

4. Remove the wig and refill the bowl with fresh cold water removing any soapy suds

5. Immerse the wig in cold water once again.

6. Remove the wig and place on a wig stand. This is the time to add any spray in conditioners, products to add shine. If you do not have a wig stand, gently lay the wig on a towel laying flat.

7. Allow the wig to dry, pat dry with a towel if needed and  avoid any heating type products (ie: hair dryers, straighteners)

If you have a synthetic wig the style will appear once again, just give the wig a good shake. With human hair, you may need to style your hair to your desire every time you wash, depending on the look you’re going for. Our recommendation is to wash your wigs about every 7 to 10th time that you wear it.

Where to Buy Wig Shampoo

A wig is an investment and just like anything you make an investment in, there are certain products to maintain and clean that match the product. As stated above, a wig is not attached to the head which means the typical oils that are on top of your head or scalp are not on the wig. Most standard hair products out there will have various chemicals to get rid of those oils. This process would leave a wig dry and damaged. Purchase products that mesh well, leaving the wig looking healthy and fresh while maintaining the quality of the product.

There are several ways to purchase products for wigs. Online is a great avenue especially since reviews are available on most sites and products. We offer all of our in-store products for sale online so call us to find out how you can purchase wig shampoo. It is always recommended to contact a wig expert such as Strut Hair Solutions for advice and opinions.  

Wig Care and Maintenance

Wig care and maintenance will depend on the amount of time the wig is worn and what occurs while wearing the wig. Is the wearer more active and sweats often? Is the wig worn all day, every day? If so, the wig may need to be washed every 7th day or earlier on. It will be easy to determine when a wash should occur and if there isn’t a need, wash the wig every 12-14 days instead. While it is important to wash and care for the wig, it is also just as important that the wig isn’t excessively washed. A wig investment should last 6 months to a year with proper maintenance.

The good news is Strut Hair Solutions offers consultations allowing clients to receive the best advice and styling options for wigs. Recommendations on products and washing tips are provided along with overall instruction to maintain the quality of the wig. Contact Strut Hair Solutions for a consultation today!