Don’t Despair, you have Options for Thinning Hair

You have fine, thinning hair and are looking for options. For most of my clients this causes them to be self-conscious and not feel like themselves anymore.

This was the problem my mom (Kim) was having when I founded STRUT Hair Solutions almost 15 years ago.  I saw first hand how her hair was tied to her identity and how her self esteem was not as vibrant anymore. She shied away from pictures or going out with friends because she didn’t feel as attractive.  Let me tell you my mother is very attractive in my opinion.  She has a personality that just shines but that shine was dimmed.

Thinning Hair

How to Hide Thinning Hair

For her because her hair thinning was very diffused across the top, hair extensions were not the right option for her, there would not be enough hair to cover where the extensions would be attached.  So for Kim a wig was the best choice and my mom loves her wigs! Kim has been wearing a wig for thinning hair now for about 18 years and she has never looked so good.  She gets compliments on her hair truly on a daily basis.  Another benefit is she saves money not needing to color or get regular cut on her hair and the time it takes her to get ready, minutes she’s out the door.

With that said wigs and wig toppers for thinning hair are a great easy option for fine and less voluminous, thinning hair. You have the choice of synthetic or human hair. This really depends on lifestyle and budget.

For my mom she chooses synthetic hair, she loves that they are shake and go. The style of the wig is the style it stays. You don’t need to blow dry or use a curling iron, synthetic wigs are often called shake and go.  The color options are also a big factor in choosing synthetic hair wigs as the color doesn’t fade and the choices are endless.

However a lot of my clients choose human hairpieces for thinning hair. I personally prefer human hair as the hair touching your neck and face is softer and is real hair. Human hair wigs move more naturally.  After a little time synthetic hair can get frizzy in the nape of the neck and clump together where human hair wigs don’t do that.  What I tell clients in my studio is if you wear your hair short synthetic wigs are great, but if you like to wear your hair longer past the shoulders then human is a much better choice.

Find the best wigs and hair toppers for thinning hair

You have endless style options with human hair wigs. Take your curling iron and rock a beach wave when going out and for work maybe flat iron the hair for a more professional look. At STRUT hair Solutions we offer style services for you.  The other cool thing is that once you style your human hair wig the style should stay until the hair gets wet. With that you most likely will only need to re-curl or flat iron weekly after you wash it.

The other popular solution for fine thinning hair is hair toppers. These are small pieces of hair that come in various sizes to fit the thinning area on the top of the head. Lot’s of our clients love these as they for whatever reason don’t want to wear a wig or really don’t need a wig and just have diffused hair loss on top.  wig toppers for thinning hair also come in human or synthetic styles.  On hair toppers I’m a real stickler for human hair as your blending the topper into your natural hair and the synthetic hair texture is just not the same.  We cut hair toppers for thinning hair into your current style for a seamless transition, we can also color the topper if need.  All of our toppers are hand tied monofilament tops so the hair looks like it’s growing out of your scalp, so natural. View all of our great options for thinning hair in our wig gallery and wig products page!

At STRUT Hair Solutions we offer many other solutions and topical products, however in this article my intention was to touch on our most popular. I invite you to come into our studio and have one of our hair consultants go over the options best suited for your needs. You’ll leave feeling great about your hair and you’ll be on your way to feeling like yourself again!

hair toppers for thinning hair

Kim is wearing our Rachel wig in color Champagne.