Everyone deserves luxurious and big beautiful hair. And as it turns out you can have exactly that! There are hair extension that can add elegant volume without damaging your hair. So let’s take a look at the best hair extensions for fine hair.

What Are the Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair?

I get asked this question on a daily basis.

There are a lot of differing options on this, but in my opinion seamless or tape-in hair extensions are the least damaging and the best hair extensions for fine hair. This is because the weight of your hair is equally distributed across the weft of hair we are adding. Unlike stand by strand where there is constant stress on one small area and if you get cross hair they can break off.

These wefts are so thin, they are easier to cover with your own hair. Also this method covers a larger by weft, than a strand of hair so less attachment areas which is better and more hair coverage.

Taped-In hair extensions look so natural, they blend beautifully with your natural hair. We can cut and customize the size of the weft to suit the look you are trying to achieve, more volume or length.  We use Indian Remy hair that doesn’t tangle, holds the style really well and the tape-in wefts can be used  up to 3 times depending on at home care which is a great value.

Another thing I love about tape-in hair extensions is a full head of hair can be done in less than an hour, no down time so you’re back to the things that matter.

Hair Extensions at Strut Hair Solutions

The consultation is very important and we will go over at home care to keep your hair in the best shape and your taped-in hair extensions looking amazing.

This hair extension method usually lasts 6-8 weeks depending on your lifestyle. I have had numerous clients use this method a few years and over time their hair became stronger and longer, that eventually they didn’t need the hair extensions anymore.

Call us today for a free consultation and see if taped-in hair extensions would be the right choice for you.   Your hair never looked so good as with a little extra help from hair extensions.