Laser Treatment Hair Therapy for Hair Loss

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Hair loss can be a devastating and overwhelming experience for someone. Whether your hair loss is the result of genetics, or health conditions, watching your hair thin or bald can be a traumatic event. 

We have found laser hair therapy treatment for hair loss continues to show promising results for reducing shedding, stopping shedding, and in some cases, regrowing lost hair! Strut Hair Solutions, has offered this service since 2008 with great results for our clients. 

Now the question is, is laser therapy treatment for you? But before we answer that question, let’s take a closer look at common hair loss causes in men and women.

Causes of Hair Loss

Multiple factors may contribute to hair loss, including genetics, age, hormones, medical conditions, scalp ailments, and hair care products/practices. Identifying or ruling out potential causes of hair loss can help you better determine the next steps to manage and even reverse your hair loss.  Let’s discuss a few of these a little closer. 


Your genes may play a significant role in the reason for your hair loss. A typical example of hair loss due to genetics is androgenic alopecia. These genes can cause your hair follicles to shrink and reduce or completely cease hair growth. Men can sometimes show signs of baldness in their early 20’s. By 60, they may find that they are practically bald. Men will often see their hairline begin to recede, or a bald spot may emerge. For women they often notice diffused thinning of their hair on the top and crown of their head, causing them to feel self-conscious about their appearance. 

Age and Hair Loss

As we age, our hair growth cycles  enter a series of shortened life cycles. This causes our hair to be shorter, finer, and is another contributing factor for our hair falling out.  Our hair follicles cease to produce new hair. As we age, hair thins and the scalp becomes more and more visible.

Medical Factors

Various medical conditions may contribute to hair loss, including thyroid disorders, menopause, endocrine disorders, and hormonal imbalances. Anytime there is an imbalance in any of these areas, hair follicles become inactive, which leads to a disruption in the hair growth cycle.

Hair Care Practices

Your hairstyling and hair care practices may contribute to hair thinning and hair loss. Chemical hair relaxers or a penchant for wearing tightly pulled hairstyles like sleek ponytails, buns, and braids can cause your hair to snap or fall out. Traction alopecia or the repetitive wear of these hairstyles that cause hair thinning or balding can lead to long-term damage to your hair follicles, which can, in turn, translate into permanent hair loss.

Scalp Conditions

Scalp conditions such as psoriasis, tinea capitis, folliculitis, and alopecia areata may contribute to hair loss because they can trigger scalp inflammation and irritation, significantly impact the rate and quality of hair growth. Some of these conditions can cause hair thinning and balding.

Treatment Options for Hair Loss

hair laser treatment

To achieve healthy hair growth, you must have consistent and adequate blood flow to the scalp area. Sufficient blood flow is critical for transporting vital nutrients to the scalp level to stimulate hair follicles. The scalp must be free of dirt and debris that can sometimes block the pores, triggering unhealthy scalp irritation and inflammation. Finally, you must resolve any and all underlying conditions. Once you have all of these things under control, you can begin to make informed decisions about the best path to hair treatments.

One treatment that many men and women are leveraging to manage hair thinning and hair loss is laser hair therapy.

What is Laser Hair Therapy and How Does It Work?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a form of follicular stimulation therapy that triggers hair growth. 

 It entails using a frequency of a wavelength that increases energy production in your follicles’ cells to make it more robust and productive in generating hair growth.

Low-level laser therapy has been around for more than 30 years and utilizes various medical devices that have received clearance from the FDA. 

Our laser is completely safe and has no thermal component, meaning that it will not damage your hair follicles or burn your skin. This treatment aims to stimulate your existing hair follicles through laser energy that is just enough to wake up those hair follicles and thicken the existing hair follicles in place

At Strut we have found that our lasers improve the client’s scalp conditions, the existing hair becomes thicker and they experience reduced shedding. This is for all clients. Some of our clients experience new hair growth of vellus hairs and then stay with an ongoing topical treatment to maintain the new hair growth they have gotten.  

Benefits of Laser Hair Treatment

Laser hair therapy offers a variety of benefits for those who decide to take the next steps.

Holistic, Non-Invasive and Painless. If you are not a fan of topical creams, taking pills, or scalp injections, laser therapy treatment offers a painless and non-invasive approach to treating your hair loss.

Combination of Therapy-Friendly. If you are open to combination therapy, including topical treatments and laser hair treatment, you can combine LLLT with other treatments for hair loss for faster and longer lasting results. 

Increases Hair Count. Another benefit of laser hair treatments is that it thickens and strengthens existing hair, improving the hair count in men and women by 35%-37%. Hair also grows faster!

Who Qualifies for Laser Hair Treatment?

If you are experiencing male pattern or female pattern hair loss, LLLT may benefit you the most. Transplant and chemotherapy patients are also great candidates for laser hair therapy treatment.

Does Laser Hair Treatment Actually Work?

YES. You should aim for two laser hair therapy sessions, for 20-30 minutes each week for at least the first 4 months to jump start your treatment. Then have an evaluation to see how the first growth cycle has gone and the best way to proceed. There are multiple laser therapy treatment methods, our lasers use the highest wavelengths of the hene and nano waves and are of the highest medical grade. 

Strut Hair Solutions and Laser Hair Treatment Services

If you are ready to reverse or halt hair loss through laser hair treatments, at Strut Hair Solutions we are here to educate and guide you through this process. We offer laser hair therapy services to men and women to improve their scalps health and hair thickness. We provide a multi-therapeutic approach, including stimulating DHT blocking shampoos, vitamins, topical treatments, and laser therapy, to rejuvenate the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us  today for a consultation session and more information about our products and services and learn the options available and best solution for you!

We look forward to serving you.