Zoomin‘ into 2021 with Moira Rose’s Wigs

This past week, my mom introduced to a show on Netflix called Schitt’s Creek. Have you heard of it?

At first I couldn’t get into it, but after the first few episodes, if you are into wigs at all, you can’t help but fall in love with the main character Moria! Boy does she love her wigs. Every episode, she has a new style.

My mom said that Moira has set her free. That after all these years of wearing wigs, she now when feels that they are acceptable and can be fun to wear. Moira’s carefree, joyful attitude about wearing (and showing off!) her wigs was contagious.

So, when my mom and I went to run an errand this past week, check out the fun, funky new ‘do my mom was sporting: She owned it!  It was the best thing. You look amazing, mom 

Let’s check out some of Moria’s Top Wigs from Schitt’s Creek.
Come in this week and try one of these looks for yourself. Let’s strut into 2021 feeling confident and sexy with our hair. (Styles on the right, available in our studios)