The Wigs of Bridgerton

So many TV shows and series use wigs and hair extensions to create amazing styles…Like Bridgerton!

Have you watched Bridgerton yet? It’s Netflix’s latest historical series that is a wig-lover’s DREAM to watch.

If you’ve watched this show, you know how amazing the costuming and hair design is! I was entranced by all of the intricate historical hairstyles that all the characters rocked. 

Of course, it’s no secret that some of the characters wear wigs. In fact, Queen Charlotte (my favorite character) LOVES wearing wigs.

Her iconic wigs are one of the most defining aspects of her character.

I loved how in each new scene, she had a new wig to match her stunning dresses.

These intricate hairstyles were achieved with more than just natural hair. Many characters, such as the Featheringtons, also rock wigs.

This show is such a great example of how wigs can complete your look. 

I’ve had so many clients tell me that they never feel fully dressed without their wig. Many of these characters wouldn’t be the same without their wigs either! Queen Charlotte’s tops off her regal looks with amazing wigs and you can too.

Let’s strut like Queen Charlotte through this new year feeling confident and sexy with our hair.