Top 5 Wig Storage Solutions

Wig Storage

Now that you have a wig to enhance your everyday look, it’s important to protect your beauty investment. Depending on your storage capabilities, number of wigs and usage there are a few options that will fit your needs. Let’s look at Strut’s top 5 wig storage solutions. 

Having your wigs organized will make your everyday use easy and frustration free. Proper storage and maintenance will keep your wig preserved and in their best shape for the long run. Refer to our Guide to Wig Care for maintenance and style guides for wigs. You can also find a wig storage and care kit by Jon Renau in our online store.

Types of Wig Stands

A quick and rather inexpensive option is a plastic folding wig stand. We recommend one which is durable,  collapsible, and can lay flat for storage ease and travel. Using a stand will keep your wigs structure and style intact, making your every day routine successful.  Another popular option is the mannequin head style stand, typically made from styrofoam, canvas or plastic. These are inexpensive but can be cumbersome to store or travel with. These can be used with a suction-cup base stand to keep stable. Wig stand tri-pods are great for styling and storing but they can take up space when they are open. You can collapse a tri-pod making it easy to travel with. Lastly there are hanger-style wig stands usually plastic – find popular hangers from brands like wigmate and dreamlover.  Always be sure to check all reviews when searching for the perfect stand.

Wig Storage 101

Wondering how to store your wigs? This depends on your use. Do you use your wig daily or every so often? If you use your wig daily, it will be important to have wig stands that are accessible, durable and easy to use or travel with.

We have a few long-term wig storage ideas if you have more than one wig or do not use them as often. First things first, keep your wigs out of the sunlight, away from dust and animals. Always fold your wig matching it from ear to ear. You can utilize the original box your wig came in, face the label up so that you can see the style and type of wig. If this is not an option, there are a few custom wig boxes online and various wig storage organizer on amazon that are great options.

Storing Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are sensitive to heat and sunlight over a long period of time. A great spot to store a synthetic wig is in your closet away from dust, animals or small children to avoid any tampering. Many customers prefer to wash their wigs prior to storing which is great maintenance and always recommended. If you prefer, visit a Strut store and we can always perform salon and wig services prior to storage. Always be sure that your wig is dry and combed before placing it in any storage item.  

Wig StorageA popular idea is to store your wigs in big zip lock bags or wig storage bags, however we do not recommend this option because typically your wig ends up getting damaged by accidental falls or squishing.

Storing your synthetic wigs on a wig hanger is a great option if you have the space in your closet or wig storage cabinet. One option is called Dreamlover Wig Hanger. This wig hanger is made with durable material and is perfect for all wig types. It’s collapsable,  portable and can hang onto any closet or rack that you may have. It is easy to drape a plastic cover over the hanger so that you can keep the dust away from your wig. Depending on your preference and space to utilize you have several options available.

Wig Stand Ideas

There are multiple wig stands on the market which is a great problem to have.  What it really comes down to is your preference, space availability, budget and usage. What is going to fit your home and lifestyle the best while keeping your wig head stand and wig in best shape possible.

A plastic head stand is great not only for storing, collapsing and traveling but it is also a great wig stand for styling and/or drying your wig. Styrofoam wig head stands go way back. They are durable and inexpensive, but they do not fit all wigs nor are they easy to travel with.  Lastly, there are DIY wig stands for all our DIY lovers. Pinterest has some great ideas to get you started, even if you are on a budget.

Where to Find Your Next Wig Stand and Wig Care Accessories

Strut Hair Solutions has an amazing selection of wigs, stands and wig care accessories available to you. Not sure which ones to go with? No problem, we are here to help you find exactly what you need from shampoos and conditioners to various styling tools, stands and of course your hair pieces and/or wigs. Shop our best sellers to see what everyone else is raving about and set up a free consultation to help you get started. Our hair experts are here to make your decision process easy and fun. This is an exciting purchase to make so it’s important you have the best experience possible!