Wigs and Hairstyle trends for 2014

Wigs and hairstyle trends! |Want the latest trends for your wig in 2014?

This year is all about being bold and blunt!

Bold color trends like ruby red, platinum blonde and “bronde”  are just a few of the popular colors that stars and celebrities are wearing for the new year.

Wig hairstyle trends for 2014

Are you wanting a brand new start for the new year? Try a cute pixie cut with a soft side swept bang and start off the year with a new drastic hairstyle. If you want even more drama try doing a heavy blunt bang for more dire effect.

Medium length hairstyles are all about the “Rachel” (Jennifer Anniston). A blunt bob that is just above your shoulders that you can keep classy with no bangs or for a more edgy look add a heavy blunt bang.

Whether its long or short, red or blonde start your year with a fresh new look!

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If you’re craving a bold and dynamic change for your wig in 2014, you’re in for an exciting ride of wigs and hairstyle trends! This year’s trends are all about embracing bold colors that make a statement. Think ruby red, platinum blonde, and the trendy “bronde” – a delightful fusion of brunette and blonde. These hues have taken the spotlight, with celebrities and stars flaunting them confidently. The allure of these daring colors is undeniable, making them perfect choices for anyone looking to make a bold fashion statement with their wig.

When it comes to wig hairstyles in 2014, the mantra is to be bold and embrace the blunt. Consider opting for a cute pixie cut with a soft side-swept bang for a fresh and dynamic start to the year. For those seeking even more drama, a heavy blunt bang can create a striking and impactful look. Medium-length hairstyles, epitomized by the iconic “Rachel” (Jennifer Aniston), are making a comeback. Picture a blunt bob just above the shoulders – a versatile style that can be kept classy with no bangs or transformed into an edgier look with a heavy blunt bang. Whether you prefer long or short, red or blonde, the key is to kickstart your year with a fabulous new wig look that reflects your unique style.

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