HD Fibers

HD fibers on wigs and hair pieces

When purchasing an HD fiber wig or hair piece they are a few things you should know in order to keep your HD fiber wig or hair piece lasting as long as possible.

A few tips we recommend to help keep your HD fiber wig or Hair piece in great condition!

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• Only use a wide tooth comb on HD fiber wigs or hair pieces. (no soft bristle brushes, picks or combs, they can cause frizzing and or tangling)
• Controlled temperature flat irons and curling irons are ok to use on HD fibers as long as they
DO NOT exceed 280 degrees. (no blow-dryers or uncontrolled tools are to be used on HD fibers)
• HD fibers ARE more maintenance then a typical synthetic wig or hair piece, but you do have more flexibility and versatility with HD fibers.
• Be cautious of stoves, campfires, heating lamps and other uncontrolled heat elements except for the sun.
• Fizziness and or tangling can occur without the proper care and synthetic product to maintain the life of the wig or hair piece.
• We recommend our HD detangler to help protect the HD fiber.

Maintaining the pristine condition of your HD fiber wigs or hairpieces requires careful consideration and adherence to specific guidelines. To prevent frizzing and tangling, it is crucial to exclusively use a wide-tooth comb, steering clear of soft bristle brushes, picks, or combs. These tools, although suitable for other hair types, can compromise the integrity of HD fibers. Additionally, controlled temperature flat irons and curling irons can be employed to style HD fibers, provided they do not exceed 280 degrees. It’s essential to avoid blow-dryers and uncontrolled tools, as they may cause damage to the HD fibers.

While HD fibers demand more maintenance compared to typical synthetic wigs or hairpieces, the trade-off is the increased flexibility and versatility they offer. Exercise caution around stoves, campfires, heating lamps, and other uncontrolled heat elements, with the exception of natural sunlight. Without proper care and the use of synthetic products designed for HD fiber maintenance, issues such as frizziness and tangling may arise, potentially shortening the lifespan of your wig or hairpiece. To safeguard your investment, we highly recommend our specially formulated HD detangler, designed to protect and maintain the longevity of HD fibers.

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