5 Steps to Instant Hair

Everyone deserves to have a full head of beautiful hair. If your hair has started to thin, Strut Hair Solutions can help. Follow these five easy steps to restore your confidence with instant hair.

Step One: Attend a Wig Consultation

Strut Hair Solutions is proud to offer free consultations to our first-time clients. We’ll spend an hour helping you find the hair solution that is right for you.

Our clients come to us from many walks of life and with varying hair care needs. We’ll take a look at your natural hair and discuss your options. Hair extensions can be used to help many customers achieve natural-looking hair; in other circumstances, we’ll recommend that you invest in a wig.

We keep a wig gallery at the shop to help you find the right style. For your first wig, you should always choose a style that you’re already comfortable with. After you’re used to maintaining and wearing your wig, you can choose from fun and extravagant style options. 

If you’re nervous or unsure about getting a wig, come see us. We’ll discuss every option and find the perfect instant hair solution for you.

Step Two: Browse New Wig styles

You’ll leave your consultation feeling confident about your new hair options. Now it’s time to find your perfect hairstyle.

Start by browsing our product selection. We have designer styles, different material options, and lace front wigs with natural-looking hairlines.

Most of our hairstyles are available in multiple colors. We can darken a wig or add highlights, but we can’t easily lighten processed hair. Choose a color that’s close to your desired shade, and bring it in so that we can perfect it for you.

During your consultation, we’ll help you find your wig size. A wig that fits correctly always looks better. Double-check the size before you make your purchase.

We carry wig styles made from both human and synthetic hair. Human hair is easier to style, but synthetic hair is easier to maintain. Real hair wigs come in both processed and unprocessed varieties; unprocessed hair is the most realistic.

If you have any questions while you’re shopping, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. A wig is an investment, and we want you to look as good as possible.

Step Three: Order Your Wig

When you see the hairstyle that’s meant to be yours, it’s time to place your order. Add the wig to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

All wig orders are processed within 1-3 days. If your wig is on backorder, we will contact you immediately. If you need to make changes, contact us within 24 hours; otherwise, your order may have already shipped.

You can select a shipping option at checkout. Standard shipping within the United States usually takes around 2 weeks, but your wig might arrive sooner.

Check on your order as soon as it arrives. We will gladly accept returns on all eligible items. We can give you store credit for another wig, or you can get a full refund with a small handling fee.

Step Four: Visit the Strut Hair Solutions Salon

Regular hair needs to be cut and styled, and so does your wig. Unprocessed Remy hair often has a dull initial appearance. A trip to the hairstylist will get your wig looking exactly like you imagined it.

Bring your new hair to Strut Hair Solutions right away. Our team of talented stylists will cut, color, and style the wig until it looks amazing on you.

Making a wig look realistic isn’t as difficult as you might think. We’ll add low lights and root colors to give your hair some differentiation. We also might create small imperfections in the hair to improve its realism.

During your appointment, we’ll teach you how to wear your wig. A lace front wig needs to be properly attached, and you may want to re-style your wig on a daily basis. In some cases, your wig can be blended with your natural hair to get the perfect appearance.

Our stylists will give you a quick course on caring for your wig. You will need to use a special shampoo and conditioner to wash your wig; we sell these products in-store, and we can also give you recommendations. Expect to wash your wig once a week if you wear it on a consistent basis.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If your wig gets tangled, bring it to us; you’ll be surprised at what we can repair. Come visit us every few months so that we can keep your wig in perfect condition.

Step Five: Strut Your Stuff!

You’ve found and purchased the perfect wig, so now it’s time to wear it out on the town. You’ll walk out of your appointment feeling like the model that you deserve to be.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. If you’ve been struggling with your hair for a while, you might be nervous the first time you wear your new hairstyle. Don’t worry about it – you’re gorgeous, inside and out.

Start by wearing your hair to a few casual places. Get comfortable with your new look; this is your hair, and you look amazing in it.

Go out on a date with your partner, or take a friend out to lunch. Celebrate your new confidence and your excellent appearance. Dress up a little; you might even try one of the style options that you learned at the salon.

Whether you wear your wig every day or only on special occasions, you’ll be amazed at the effect on your confidence. Hair is an essential part of your self-image; our stylists work to help you look as amazing on the outside as you are on the inside.

These five easy steps will have you looking great in no time. Whether you’re in the market for a wig or hair extensions, come visit Strut Hair Solutions for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your options and send you out the door feeling great about yourself. You’re beautiful; we’ll help the whole world realize it.

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