7 Reasons Short Blonde Wigs Are More Fun

Have you ever heard that blondes have more fun? At Strut Hair Solutions, we’re pretty sure that short blonde wigs are the secret to having more fun with your hair. We have countless styles and color options to help you get that short blonde hairstyle of your dreams.

1. Short Hair Is Easy to Wear

We usually recommend shorter wigs to our first-time customers. They’re easy to maintain and even easier to wear – and easy usually translates directly to fun.

Short wigs don’t require nearly as much effort to style. You don’t have as much hair to keep out of the way while you’re affixing the wig, and you can adjust the look in a matter of minutes. Just like regular hair, short wig styles weigh less and feel cooler on a humid summer day.

Your wig needs to be washed at least once a month; wash it more often if you wear it every day. Short wigs take far less time to clean, and they dry a lot faster, too. When it comes to having fun, simplicity really is the name of the game.

2. Blonde Hair Makes You Look Younger

Scientifically speaking, your hair gets darker as you get older. That means that if your hair is lighter, you’ll naturally look younger. And what color could possibly be lighter than platinum blonde?

Short hair also tends to give the wearer a bit of youthful charm. Tuck a stray curl behind your ear, flip your bangs out of your face, and walk with the sass that comes so naturally to young people. When you combine a cute short style with light-colored hair, that short blonde wig has suddenly taken years off your appearance.

3. Short Doesn’t Mean Too Short

Short hair reaches to chin length or above. You can stretch the definition to anything between your chin and your shoulders; if it’s short for you, it’s short!

We carry short blonde wigs in every style imaginable. From blunts to bobs to pixie cuts, you can go as short or as long as you like. Go for a long bob that gives you styling options, or choose a cute pixie wig for that confident and professional vibe. We’ll help you find the style you’ve always wanted; you can also be a little daring and try something completely new.

4. Highlights, Roots, and Ombres – Oh My!

There as so many shades of blonde, they’re almost impossible to count. Are you in the mood for a platinum blonde look that’s sharp like diamonds? How about a warm, strawberry-blonde head of hair that makes you feel cute and confident?

We add roots and highlights to our wigs for texture and definition. Once you’ve chosen the short blonde wig of your dreams, bring it into our salon for a styling session. We’ll add the perfect undertones to work with your complexion; when you walk out, you’ll be feeling like an absolute diva.

5. Feel the Fluff

If you’ve ever had short hair before, you know how delightfully fluffy it can be. Carefully cut layers will give your short wig a super-fun bounce that follows you everywhere. Fluff it, ruffle it, and run your fingers through it for that don’t-care style you’ve been dreaming of. Fluffy short hair: you have to try it to understand.

Strut Hair Solutions works with a variety of wig stores and providers to source the best wigs on the market. You can choose from synthetic, processed, or unprocessed hair. We recommend an unprocessed Remy wig for soft, touchable, and natural-feeling hair that you can fluff and style as much as you like.

6. Short. Blonde. Summer.

Nothing says summer quite like that bleached-blonde beach look. Feel the breeze on the back of your neck while you strut down the boardwalk eating a Popsicle. Let everyone think that those shiny blonde highlights came from spending too much time in the sun.

Summer is all about letting loose and having a little fun. Even if it’s not summer anymore, you can take that energy with you when you wear a short blonde wig. We recommend lace front wigs to help beat the summer heat.

7. Style It and Strut It

Short hair comes with so many style options, and they all look amazing. Part your hair in any direction. Add a touch of product (as long as it’s the right product for your wig), or slip on a hair tie to make a fluffy ponytail. With short blonde hair, every look you come up with will be cute, bouncy, and carefree.

The best part about short hair is that since you have less hair to style, you spend less time getting ready to go. Put that wig on and bounce out the door with an extra bit of strut in your step.

The best part about short hair is that since you have less hair to style, you spend less time getting ready to go. Put that wig on and bounce out the door with an extra bit of strut in your step.

At Strut Hair Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves to have a little fun with their hair. You should experience the confidence of a short blonde hairdo at least once in your life; trust us to help make that feeling a reality.

We specialize in providing gorgeous solutions for every hair type. Come on down to our salon for a free consultation. Try on our wide selection of short blonde wigs; we have a greater variety than most wig stores. Once you know how great you look in short blonde hair, check out our online store to choose the wig that’s perfect for you.

No matter what hairstyle you’re dreaming of, Strut Hair Solutions can help make it happen. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We hope to see you soon!